WIHB-JK-01 Julia-Kalachnikoff-1

Jonathan Adler helps us find what’s in Julia’s bag!

Julia-Kalachnikoff-2 Julia-Kalachnikoff-3 WIHB-JK-03 Julia-Kalachnikoff-4 WIHB-JK-04 Julia-Kalachnikoff-5 WIHB-JK-05 Julia-Kalachnikoff-6 WIHB-JK-06 Julia-Kalachnikoff-7 WIHB-JK-07 Julia-Kalachnikoff-8 WIHB-JK-08 Julia-Kalachnikoff-9 WIHB-JK-09 Julia-Kalachnikoff-10 WIHB-JK-10 Julia-Kalachnikoff-11 Julia-Kalachnikoff-12 WIHB-JK-11 Julia-Kalachnikoff-13
  • Guest

    Keys, wallet, cellphone….OMG I cracked up b/c this reminds me of that commercial.

  • anouk

    i’m with her on L’Occitane hand purifying gel! It doesn’t dry the skin.

  • http://exclusiveumpf.blogspot.com/ ExclusiveUMPF

    Great feature, love it!

  • 81sissi

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