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  • lintmag

    Gorgeous bag! I want that Chanel tape measure, too!

  • Rashida

    The bag is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jackie

    What is that little white/black python pouch?!!!!!!!!!! Please tell me!

  • PhotoGirl

    What a gorgeous bag!

  • Ami

    Love the bag! Can’t wait to see it in person :P

  • 19yearslater

    I love Papyrus cards! And the block letters for the questions is really cool. Great feature as always.

  • lintmag

    Ok, so I guess this bag is sold out? Hard to tell but I didn’t see it anywhere with the black hardware.

  • Amanda

    This was so cool! I very recently got my first Olivia Harris bag (Oversized Collar Stud Messenger) and have been carrying it nonstop. Joy comes off as a very REAL person. I loved the part about her mom, it was so sweet and touching. She sounds like an amazing lady!

  • Merryla

    Just want the bag!!! and the sunglasses’ case too

  • Outfit31

    I want that BAG!!! Gorgeous!

  • mochababe73

    LOVE the fact that I can read her handwriting. It makes the blog so enjoyable to read.
    I don’t really care for the bag, but I like that exotic print pouch in the background.
    I can understnad her frustration with being confused with Olivia & Joy. Their handbags are cheap. I wonder why she hasn’t filed a lawsuit or at least a cease and desist.

  • kd13

    Could someone please tell me the name of the Oliver Peoples sunglasses shown here?

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