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  • Jade

    i love her bag <3<3 where can we get that?

    • LauranW

      I second that…..!!

    • Jade

      It’s from a couple of seasons ago. So your best bet is Ebay!

  • pe.riche.

    “Best piece of advice?…be good to people…”

    True, wise words! Kindness is so undervalued, yet its power to heal is overwhelming.

  • Nívia

    It´s nice to live for these expectations in life, to feel like anything can happens! Not boring at all, it´s really inspiring. I loved the sunglasses, I´m in that mood right now, not so flashy, not so fashion, simple, but yet so elegant, it´s not that great marks look, so….old.. used style, old and boring,that´s it!.. it´s nameless, it´s charming!

  • jennas-side.com

    i love this girl! so glad i took the time to read it