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  • Amanda

    Wow. Just. Wow.

    • YES! Exactly how I felt being there – Dee is THE sweetest person too! Super genuine and nice

  • AshleyG

    That Givenchy wallet needs its own post!

    • I know, I really really love that wallet!

      • Karen Smith

        just popped out at me, everything else became insignificant

  • KEO

    Forfilling??? really?

  • Renee O

    Barneys online has a Givenchy wallet right now; looks like it is the same one. It is a beauty.

  • Guest

    Oh, I love her! I saw her on HSN and she just seemed so darned NICE. I bought three of her bags because they reminded me of the Bermuda bags that I loved so much when I was in high school and because they were affordable! Not that she needs it, but I hope she has continued success with her line.

  • just love the wallets

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