• Ale Semenov

    I really admire triathlete. It is amazing what they do. I can’t run some few meters.

  • Ruhee

    I really liked this edition of what’s in her bag…a professional athlete is very different from the usual people profiled here.great to know about her..

  • Christina

    Another interesting edition of “What’s in her bag”.  Her whole life is about sports, and her bag reflects that. And that is perfectly fine. And ‘yay’ to good handwriting. :-)

  • Amy Beth

    Love these features!  By the way, the new site design is pretty, but I hate having to click through all the pages of each post.  Much preferred it all on one page.

  • http://www.flrs.co.uk/ non geographic numbers

    What’s in the bag of a triathlete? Well obviously  it’s her sports wear etc. I  really admire with this girl, aside from being an athlete she can write and the sports is her inspiration. 

  • Rebecca

    I did my first triathlon last summer and am already signed up for three more this year.  Chrissie is truely my idol.  Thank you fo posting this!

  • http://www.skincloud.com/men-fragrance/ cologne for men

    I can only see the last picture. A book named “A life without limits” with some dumbbells. 

  • Eleanor

    What an absolutely unexpectedly refreshing treat to see THE QUEEN of triathlons, Chrissie Wellington, as your interview subject for WIHB!!  So awesome because although I’m a complete fashion devotee, I also race short triathlons and half marathons for fun so it was so cool to see you guys profile such an amazing pro athlete as Chrissie!  Cheers to Vlad…you rock!

  • http://thechangeofpace.wordpress.com/ Abby @ Change of Pace

    I’ve never visited the site before, but linked to it from Chrissie’s Twitter. Awesome interview, and I love the visual format! I’ll definitely be back!

  • dhits77

    What an amazing person! Read her bio and was completely blown away by her physical abilities and mental strength. Inspiring! And love that she is featured here.

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