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  • mlle p

    Loved all your other books – am looking forward to reading this new one. Also, another good purse snack is the mint m&m’s – sort of like chocolate and breath mint in one – ha.

  • Never leave the house with a small clutch filled with beauty essentials.. :) great article!

  • maythi

    i love shoes. wish we could pack a bunch in our pocketbooks :)

  • Carla E.

    I love this woman!!! She is the best.I can not get enough from her books and how real she is.

  • Dana

    Who makes those pink pens?

  • Jennifer

    Love this! I love EG and her books!

  • Julie

    LOVE Emily Giffin and love this post!!

  • Msshapes

    Can’t wait to see Emily here next week in Cali!!

  • Ronalda Carlson

    I just discovered her novels a couple weeks ago and was up ’til 3 a.m. this morning reading “Where We Belong.” I’d drive to the Bay Area from Eureka if and when she is there for a book signing event. I am addicted to her stories and love her writing style.

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