PBWIMB Roundup Oct 3

For the past week, we’ve been prepping to kick off a new series we’re really excited about! We asked all of you to Instagram pictures of what’s inside your bags using the hashtag #pbWIMB, and you certainly didn’t disappoint. We ooh’d and ahh’d after your bag collections and were envious of your endless amount of beauty products stashed safely in your purses.

While we loved sifting through all of your submissions, we were forced to pick our favorites. Take a look below at our picks of the week, and make sure to keep posting because we’ll be having a new roundup every Thursday!

Not just a bag lover? Post an Instagram of your shoes using #showmyshoes and you may be featured on our sister site TalkShoes.

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  • Jenny

    Love this series!! Can’t wait for more!

  • Mary O’Hara

    Love getting a peak into how people organize their bags and what they carry around!

  • Amanda

    I love this!

  • Jennifer

    This is great!

  • Katka

    Where can I find that cute Kate Spade cosmetic case?!


    It’s a Speedy not an Alma, look at the zipper pull

  • Karinbag4bag

    Gosh I must be the only one with complete chaos in my bag ! What lovely pics.

  • 4GirlzMom

    Wonder what they really look like say if we were to run into any of them at Starbucks and asked them to empty it without their prior knowledge?

  • Averil

    Love this!! Might have to do one myself and see if I’m PB worthy!

  • Mya

    oooh, love love love this feature!!! but what if you’re not on instagram? *sadface*

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