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  • Jenny

    Love this series!! Can’t wait for more!

  • Mary O’Hara

    Love getting a peak into how people organize their bags and what they carry around!

  • Amanda

    I love this!

  • Jennifer

    This is great!

  • Katka

    Where can I find that cute Kate Spade cosmetic case?!


    It’s a Speedy not an Alma, look at the zipper pull

  • Karinbag4bag

    Gosh I must be the only one with complete chaos in my bag ! What lovely pics.

  • 4GirlzMom

    Wonder what they really look like say if we were to run into any of them at Starbucks and asked them to empty it without their prior knowledge?

  • Averil

    Love this!! Might have to do one myself and see if I’m PB worthy!

  • Mya

    oooh, love love love this feature!!! but what if you’re not on instagram? *sadface*

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