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Fashion Week Beauty Essentials

Fashion Week is a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of work, even though most members of the media try to make it look like one glam fete after another. There are indeed some fun parties to attend, but you’ll be going to them after more than a full day of work, and after a few days, that can wear on a person.


Despite the fact that we don’t personally know most of you guys, we can tell a lot about you from the contents of your purses. Is that a saying, or did we just make that up?

PBWIMB Instagram Nov 7

As the leaves are changing, so are the contents of your handbag. While we love seeing plenty of cute wallets, sunglasses and pretty iPhone covers, we found ourselves taking a closer look at some of the beauty products you guys are using to keep your skin looking flawless this season.

Instagram WIYB Roundup October 24

This week on our Instagram feed, we saw tons of totes and satchels filled with printed pouches, beauty essentials and Karen Walker sunglasses. But as the temperatures begin to drop, we’re expecting bigger bags filled with all your winter accessories.

National Handbag Day

It’s been a really busy day in the PurseBlog offices celebrating National Handbag Day, and we were super excited when we saw all the handbag pictures you took for this very special edition of What’s In My Bag!

PBWIMB Roundup Oct 3

For the past week, we’ve been prepping to kick off a new series we’re really excited about! We asked all of you to Instagram pictures of what’s inside your bags using the hashtag #pbWIMB, and you certainly didn’t disappoint.

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