Fashion Week is a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of work, even though most members of the media try to make it look like one glam fete after another. There are indeed some fun parties to attend, but you’ll be going to them after more than a full day of work, and after a few days, that can wear on a person. When you combine that with the fact that Fashion Week is an occasion on which everyone is expected to look their best, what you put in your makeup bag becomes important. After a few seasons of trial and error, I’ve found a couple of items that are an absolute must-carry, including my all-time favorite liquid liner and dry shampoo, which both retail for six bucks or less.

Despite the fact that we don’t personally know most of you guys, we can tell a lot about you from the contents of your purses. Is that a saying, or did we just make that up? Either way, we certainly think it’s true – you can separate a minimalist from a prepared-for-any-situation mom on the go with a single glance at a handbag’s contents. No matter which category you fall into (perhaps you’re somewhere in the middle), we always love taking a look inside your designer handbags.

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As the leaves are changing, so are the contents of your handbag. While we love seeing plenty of cute wallets, sunglasses and pretty iPhone covers, we found ourselves taking a closer look at some of the beauty products you guys are using to keep your skin looking flawless this season. While most of the bags we saw this week on #PBWIMB were dark shades of navy and black, we were especially happy to see some of you still breaking out those pops of color. Take a look at the bags that made our picks of the week, and the adorable puppy we just couldn’t resist!

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@kimstaffordstyle keeps plenty of leopard and Thomas the Train in her Zara bag. Shop similar bags here.

This picture from @cherrysolanor speaks for itself. You can purchase her Neverfull Bag via Louis Vuitton for $980, but unfortunately her dog is not for sale.

Lots of loveliness inside @konthebay’s 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Bag. Shop what’s left of the collection via Target.

Only the essentials inside @stylelapin’s Chanel Mini Flap Bag.

Always be prepared, @lem0n certainly is.

Labels and love inside of @nehemiahfalber’s Mini Celine Luggage Tote.

A good pair of sunglasses and minimal makeup inside @mondaybunny’s weekend Chanel Flap Bag.

This week on our Instagram feed, we saw tons of totes and satchels filled with printed pouches, beauty essentials and Karen Walker sunglasses. But as the temperatures begin to drop, we’re expecting bigger bags filled with all your winter accessories. Continue to snap pictures of what’s inside your bag using #PBWIMB for your chance to be featured on the blog. Peek below to see inside some of our favorite purses of the week! (more…)

It’s been a really busy day in the PurseBlog offices celebrating National Handbag Day, and we were super excited when we saw all the handbag pictures you took for this very special edition of What’s In My Bag!

In fact, we were so excited that we decided it was too special of an occasion just to have one round-up, so this week we’re having two. We’ll be choosing our next round of favorites on Friday to see how all of you celebrated the first annual National Handbag Day. Stay tuned for part two tomorrow, and keep sending us your pictures using the hashtag #NationalHandbagDay – you’re not gonna want to miss it! (more…)

For the past week, we’ve been prepping to kick off a new series we’re really excited about! We asked all of you to Instagram pictures of what’s inside your bags using the hashtag #pbWIMB, and you certainly didn’t disappoint. We ooh’d and ahh’d after your bag collections and were envious of your endless amount of beauty products stashed safely in your purses.

While we loved sifting through all of your submissions, we were forced to pick our favorites. Take a look below at our picks of the week, and make sure to keep posting because we’ll be having a new roundup every Thursday!

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