PurseBlog Want It Wednesday November 13

Friday the 13th is unlucky, but what about Wednesday the 13th? Are there any elaborate social beliefs around things that happen on this particular day? If not, we’d like to make some up, since we’re pretty sure that’s how the whole Friday the 13th thing got started anyway. A big sister was trying to terrorize her little brother and she had already tried convincing him that he was adopted, to no avail, probably. (I’m a big sister. I know how this goes.) Alas, I likely can’t turn Wednesday the 13th into a tradition, but I can turn it into Want It Wednesday. That’s the kind of magic I possess.

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  • missarewa

    Loving that maxmara bag. I will happily pass on a 4 thousand dollar sweater, thanks!

  • kindled

    ugh why would you show me that jonathan adler wallet, now I need it so badly even though I literally just bought three kate spade wallets that I didn’t need.

  • shueaddict

    I just love Alexis Bittar – I have been steadily accumulating over the years. Their art deco pieces with lucite are amazingand seem to continue to be relevant through the years. I always get compliments for them .

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