Want It Wednesday Mini Bags

Mini bags are most often associated with warm weather; after all, who doesn’t want her hands free during the season’s outdoor activities? They’re just as useful during the fall, though, especially when coat weather comes around and regular shoulder bags compete with your outerwear for shoulder real estate. Now that basically every popular bag comes in a mini size, along with all the bags that were designed to be mini from the beginning, your choices are vast no matter the season. For this edition of Want It Wednesday, the team has enumerated its favorites below.

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  • kindled

    The fur on the Fendi looks a bit like a certain part of a lady’s anatomy.

    • c.Miller


    • missarewa


    • kristythomas014

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  • Givenchy Lover

    Love the 3Jours and the tricolor Antigona

  • missarewa

    I love the 3jours!

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