Photo via The Coveteur

I was browsing The Coveteur yesterday when I came across the website’s feature on Meredith German, a ten-year fashion industry veteran and creative director of handbag company Meredith Wendell. As a fan of both The Coveteur’s photography and German’s bags, I relished the opportunity to take a peek inside the domicile of a fellow accessories aficionado.

But German’s colorful bags weren’t the only attraction – her wardrobe of bright, bold prints reminds me a lot of what I have in my own closet, except that her closet is clearly bigger (check out the built-in shoe racks – a true luxury in Manhattan). The Coveteur’s combination of fashion and interior design is ever irresistible, and this iteration is particularly fun. Check out the rest of the gallery here.

  • lchua

    Lucky girl..

  • babe

    very inspiring!

  • Lisa

    Yes, I do!