Like we say every Wednesday – we made it! We’re halfway to another weekend, so let’s celebrate with another Want It Wednesday. This week, the PurseBlog team has found a full set of little luxurious to lust after, and this time they’re all under $300. (more…)

We made it! It’s hump day! Try not to get that GEICO camel’s hump day chant stuck in your head, but now that I’ve said it, that’s totally what’s going to happen, isn’t it? Sorry. All I can offer by the way of an apology is a list of things that those of us around the PurseBlog offices are lusting after this week. It’s Want It Wednesday, after all. (more…)

Wednesday afternoon means that we’ve made it more than halfway through a work week that can seem interminable when summer fun is waiting on the weekends, so we all deserve a little reward, right? It also means that today is Want It Wednesday, so below you’ll find all the items that the PurseBlog team is considering rewarding itself with this week.


For weeks I’ve been hearing rave reviews about this “little miracle” face oil. Normally I’d be hesitant to try oil on my face, but it appears that some people swear by this stuff. The Ila Face Oil for Glowing Radiance regenerates the skins cells, leaving your skin soft and glowy. The oil can be used as a makeup primer, which is always useful in the summertime when makeup tends to not last very long long. Not to mention that it’s rose-scented (yum!) and it helps fight wrinkles and improves the texture of your skin. If you’re as curious to try this cult favorite as I am, you can purchase it for $110 via Net-a-Porter.

Ila Face Oil for Glowing Radiance


As y’all might have noticed, I’m a writer, and writers tend to be a group of people who are very precious about the tools of their trade. Despite the fact that I write online for a living, I still have a pen cup full of the only two types of pens I find acceptable sitting next to my computer and a reporter’s notebook at the ready, lest I should actually need to jot something down in real life. At home, I jot quite a lot of things down, and from here on out, I’d like to be doing it in the beautifully textiled Weston Heaven Calcite Notebook. It doesn’t get much prettier than this swirling red-to-purple print. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $68.

Weston Heaven Calcite Notebook


I know, I know. Typically, we each pick one item we really want and share it with you all. However, I can’t help myself. I *really* want two things this week. And since they are both Alexander McQueen, I figured you all might go easy on me and over look my excessive wanting.

In recent years, I’ve realized how much a belt can take any outfit to the next level. That being the case, I do find myself making a conscious effort to add more belts to my looks. This Alexander McQueen Wide Leather Waist Belt is a perfect example of why. Gorgeous black leather with quilted detailing and gold hardware come together seamlessly. Pair this with a skirt or to cinch a dress to complete your look. Plus, this design is bound to make a statement for seasons to come. Via Matches Fashion for $597.

Alexander McQueen Waist Belt

While my personal style is a bit more bohemian-chic than super edgy, I find myself looking for a little edge from time to time. That’s why, when I came across this Alexander McQueen Skeleton Key Fob, I instantly wanted it. Sure, it’s a gold-tone skeleton key chain, but I find it kind of cute. And not only would it look great next to my keys, but it is also undoubtedly a conversation starter! Via Matches Fashion for $149.

Alexander McQueen Skeleton Key Fob

It’s that time of week again – Want It Wednesday! With New York’s sweltering heat wave showing no signs of letting up, Bea, Shannon and I are still lusting after summer essentials that have somehow yet to make their way inside our apartments. This week, that means a Gucci bag, Ray-Ban sunglasses and Oribe hair products. (more…)

Perhaps it’s because last week was so short (or because last weekend was so long), but personally, I’m still trying to figure out what day it is. Yesterday felt like Wednesday to me, but in reality, that’s today. Thankfully, I took note of that in time for Want It Wednesday, the PurseBlog team’s weekly roundup of the things we’re coveting, lusting after and sending each other links to via GChat. This week’s selections, you might note, are especially summery – we still have our long weekend on the brain.


After spending most of last weekend in the sun, I can honestly say I feel like a whole new person. It’s amazing what a good tan can do for you, both emotionally and physically. Growing up in Florida, where tanning may as well have been an extracurricular activity, I was always in search of the best oils to get maximum glow. I’ve tried hundreds (literally), and this weekend I tried one that I became particularly fond of. A friend of mine brought along a bottle of Hampton Sun SPF4 Oil, which naturally I was inclined to try. The walnut oil and aloe in it made my skin silky smooth and left a subtle glow unlike other greasy oils. Not to mention, my tan looks great. This is definitely a new must-have in my summer beach bag. To make sure I maintain my new glow, I’m also wanting its partner, the Hampton Sun After-Sun Moisturizer, because the best tans are the ones you can drag out. Buy the oil for $35 and the moisturizer for $32, both via Net-a-Porter.

Hampton Sun SPF4 Oil and Moisturizer


If you’re a regular PurseBlog reader, you probably recognize this MICHAEL Michael Kors Selma Messenger Bag from earlier in the week – Emily caught Alessandra Ambrosio carrying the exact same one. At the time, we couldn’t locate her neon yellow version for purchase online, but lo and behold, has it tucked away. I thought I was over neon, especially neon bags, but there’s just something about this simple little purse that makes me think maybe I need it to tide me over until fall gets here. For the price, it’s certainly an option I’m considering. Buy for $228 via Michael Kors.

MICHAEL Michael Kors Selma Neon Yellow Messenger


I’ll be honest; I’m a sentimental kind of girl. Growing up, like many girls, I loved trying on my mom’s and grandma’s jewelry. While their tastes may have differed ever so slightly, there was one stone that had a presence in both of their collections – turquoise. Perhaps that is why, when I came across this Philippe Audibert Pawnee Turquoise Cuff, I stopped and stared. It doesn’t remind me of any of the specific pieces my mom or grandma own, but the turquoise definitely jumped out at me. This particular cuff is a bit more modern and substantial than the dainty pieces I remember trying on as a child, but I love it. Plus, I can say with certainty that this is a piece that will not only stand the test of time, but also become a piece I would gladly let my daughter or granddaughter try on (and maybe even keep) one day. Buy for $408 via

Philippe Audibert Pawnee Cuff

I like today. First of all, I like today because it’s the last day of work before I get a four-day weekend, but I also like today because we get to have all our Wednesday fun AND our Friday fun, all in the same eight-hour span. First up was our Bag Deals roundup, and now comes Want It Wednesday, wherein the PurseBlog staff provides a rundown of all the things we’re trying to restrain ourselves from buying this week, both handbag-related and not. Below, our weekly picks from MICHAEL Michael Kors, Hipanema and Caudelie. (more…)

You’ve done it! You’ve made it through the majority of the week! (Hey, it’s Wednesday afternoon, that totally counts.) (At least on the East Coast.) By now, you’ve probably spotted something on this here Internet that’s making your credit card cower in fear, and we know that we certainly have. That’s why we reserve Want It Wednesday for exactly this time of week – the beautiful things from Gianvito Rossi, Mara Hoffman and Erickson Beamon that we’re craving give us the courage to press through and continue to do things that earn our paychecks. Below, the PurseBlog team details exactly what we’re trying to stop ourselves from buying right now.


They caught my eye the second I laid eyes on them. The bright blue and neon yellow piping make the Gianvito Rossi Suede Bolero Sandals a great, bold shoe for the summer, and the perfect compliment to a pair of tan legs and white shorts. They’re elegant, they’re sturdy and the height of the heel allows you to stay in them all day long. The this sandal also easily transitions from day into night, which is always a HUGE plus in my book. My favorite part of the whole shoe is the little tassel on the shoelace; it’s the perfect whimsical touch that screams “summer.” They’re 50% off at the moment, which I’m taking as a sign that now is the time to buy them. Buy them for $446 via Matches Fashion.

Gianvito Rossi Suede Bolero Sandal


It’s safe to say summer is upon us, and with every summer season comes more trips to the pool, beach, lake, etc. I tend to stock up on a plethora of swimsuits every year, but one summer item I have vowed to spend more time looking for is a quality beach cover-up. Up until this point, cover-ups have been an afterthought. But not this year. That’s why this Mara Hoffman Rainbow Stretch-Jersey Kaftan might be my next purchase. The pattern and length are perfect. You can literally throw this on, add a cute pair of wedge sandals, perhaps a hat and take yourself from the beach to the bar or restaurant all while looking sun-kissed and fabulous. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $275.

Mara Hoffman Stretch-Jersey Kaftan


I don’t wear earrings very often. I own a lot of earrings, and I love them dearly, especially the big ones, but I can’t tell you the last time that I actually donned them for a trip out of the house. You see, I wear a pair of very bold glasses every day, plus I have some very bold hair (think black and purple), and the addition of earrings just seems like…a lot of look, all circa my face. To wear this gorgeous pair of Erickson Beamon Swarovski Crystal Drop Earrings, though, I’d gladly pop in a pair of contacts and maybe even consider pulling back my hair. The combination of baby blue and burgundy is non-intuitive and masterfully executed, and the bold size of the earrings is begging to be paired with a bare-shouldered dress. Buy through Saks for $385.

Erickson Beamon Swarovski Crystal Drop Earrings

If you’ve been visiting PurseBlog for a while, you probably remember Want It Wednesday, which was a short weekly roundup of what some of the PurseBlog team is lusting after on any particular Wednesday. Because we’re ladies with long shopping lists and nearly endless desires to discuss them with each other (and with you), we’ve decided to bring back this wishful-thinking feature. Today, I’ve got my mind on the summer-perfect Rosantica Aurora Necklace, while our social media specialist Bea wants to get her hands on a pair of Frends Layla Headphones. (more…)

A few seasons ago, Valentino was synonymous with bows, but that all took a change when the brand introduced its Rockstud collection; now the brand that signifies femininity and elegance also provides just the right amount of edge. I’m the definition of a Valentino Rockstud girl because I turn to well-made items but also like a little spunk, and since the inception, this line has spoken to me. We may still be surrounded by winter and cold weather, but this week I’m warming myself up with the right amount of color and Rockstud everything. I want to start my spring off with tonal rockstuds in all of my favorite designs, along with some spunky shoes, from Valentino. No better way to dream of all of these fabulous items than to play with them, photograph them, and feel like they are mine.

Shop Valentino via Neiman Marcus.

Christian Louboutin has been working hard to bring the awareness of its handbag collections up to par with its world-famous shoes, and the line is well on its way. The brand has transitioned well, bringing Louboutin’s signature irreverence to all of its accessories, and as a result, the brand’s handbag following continues to grow. I love a red-soled shoe, but I’ve been finding myself loving Louboutin’s bags lately as well. One of the best from the designer is the classic Sweet Charity handbag, and I’m digging this season’s design even more.

The Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity Sotto Pelle is the updated version to the original, featuring sleek construction and a new leather, exclusive for Christian Louboutin, that merges quality and smoothness. This bag is built around a wooden frame to give more structure and the edging includes a pique weave which creates a slight geometric pattern. The bow on the front of the bag has been tweaked as well, with rounded studs and contrasting leather.

I adore the sleekness and glazed finish, and while the bag has been updated from the initial Sweet Charity design, it remains close to the original. I continue to lean towards shoulder/cross body bags as my new go-to, and with the holiday season upon us, I am dreaming of a very Christian Louboutin Christmas. Price is $1,695 via Christian Louboutin.

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