Many men love cars but not handbags, man bags, etc. My dad could care less about his wallet or briefcase, as long as they carry his things and do not completely break apart and lose his important papers.

I find one of the biggest fashion faux pas to be ordinary designs that make people say ‘Ehhhh’. Even if you make a fashion atrocity, if you did so by going out on a limb and adding bells, whistles, horns, and all that shebang, at least you were trying to be bold and different.

Dear Juicy,

I was a fan of you from the start. Your track suits were perfect to lounge in and super comfy. Not to mention having fitted casual pants was amazing for my rear assets. I watched the Juicy Track suit trend explode, which is of course great for you, but became a bit of an overstated suburbia house wife trend.

I think I have been neglecting wallets lately. That may be because I am in love with the wallet Vlad got me for Christmas, so wallets aren’t at the top of my list of wants and needs.

It has been quite some time since I have talked about a wallet. For me wallets are fun and many times can be carried alone. Thanks to Vlad, I now own the perfect wallet ever (yes, you did do a good job!), but that doesn’t stop me from looking at other potential candidates.

I have always been boisterous. And from time to time, my fashion sense is also boisterous. I can’t help that I love being the life of the party. When I first saw this beauty by Jimmy Choo, I thought to myself that this wallet is ‘so me’.

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about what holds our money. How else can we purchase a handbag without a wallet with our plastic and cash? I ran into this Bric’s Margherita Cognac Patchwork Suede and Leather ID Wallet and immediately was drawn to it.

Granted, not everyone has the monetary assets to buy bags that sell for thousands of dollars. The Chloe Paddington may only go for about a grant and a half, but then its availability (or lack thereof) creates another big issue that potential ‘it’ bag buyers must face.

Any brand called Leonaro Da Vinci must be ‘it’ right? Ok, we all know the original Da Vinci as the big guy, the artist, the man of all men. But as I look at this wallet made by that huge name, I realize that the name may be trying to fill shoes way too many sizes too big for it.

As we begin to bring our Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to an end, I bet you are all desperately waiting for clutches and wallets. Of course I am pulling through, it’s what I do!

I want to start off with the fresh design of the Isabella Fiore Continental Wallet.

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