Valentino Rockstud Collection (6)

A few seasons ago, Valentino was synonymous with bows, but that all took a change when the brand introduced its Rockstud collection; now the brand that signifies femininity and elegance also provides just the right amount of edge. I’m the definition of a Valentino Rockstud girl because I turn to well-made items but also like a little spunk, and since the inception, this line has spoken to me. We may still be surrounded by winter and cold weather, but this week I’m warming myself up with the right amount of color and Rockstud everything. I want to start my spring off with tonal rockstuds in all of my favorite designs, along with some spunky shoes, from Valentino. No better way to dream of all of these fabulous items than to play with them, photograph them, and feel like they are mine.

Shop Valentino via Neiman Marcus.

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  • MizzJ

    Omg those clutches on the last photo have me swooning

  • JaneH

    Absolutely stunning photos. My goodness.. :)

  • Sandra

    I agree completely the Rockstud collections are terrific….I have the flats in pink but I need more!

  • Susie

    That pink is TDF!

  • tininha

    the yellow one there with full on studs, do they have it in hot pink(same colour as the right one)?

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