We discussed whether or not clear bags are purely a novelty a couple of weeks ago, and now there’s a new player in this trend that won’t be ignored, even if you can see right through its bags: Valentino. (Har har har, I know, bad joke. They’re not all winners.) The Valentino Rockstud Naked Bags (and shoes!) are a good deal more expensive than their quirky-contemporary counterparts in the clear bag trend, but the price comes with an unparalleled level of sophistication. If you doubted that clear PVC could be elegant, Valentino begs to differ.

These bags are gorgeously designed, but naturally, they present the same challenges as any other see-through bag, no matter the price point. How do you use the bag as a functional piece without ruining the extremely spare lines of the design? Does carrying a clear bag of this taste level require a brand new wallet, cell phone case and key ring for continuity? Does anyone want to see my grubby, color-transfered wallet that I bought when I was still in college? Would I besmirch this bag with it anyway? Before you buy one of these bags, make sure you’ve got a plan. Luckily, the equally lust-worth Valentino Rockstud Naked Shoes don’t present quite as many functional quandaries.

Most of the collection has yet to arrive in stores, but you can buy the Valentino Rockstud Naked Glam Lock Shoulder Bag for $1,795 in Neiman Marcus. Several styles of shoes are also available via Neiman Marcus. Check out more pieces below.

Valentino Rockstud Naked Tote Valentino Rockstud Naked Glam Lock Shoulder Bag Valentino Rockstud Naked Shopping Tote Valentino Rockstud Naked Thong Sandals Valentino Rockstud Naked Clutch Valentino Rockstud Naked VaVaVoom Shoulder Bag

A few seasons ago, Valentino was synonymous with bows, but that all took a change when the brand introduced its Rockstud collection; now the brand that signifies femininity and elegance also provides just the right amount of edge. I’m the definition of a Valentino Rockstud girl because I turn to well-made items but also like a little spunk, and since the inception, this line has spoken to me. We may still be surrounded by winter and cold weather, but this week I’m warming myself up with the right amount of color and Rockstud everything. I want to start my spring off with tonal rockstuds in all of my favorite designs, along with some spunky shoes, from Valentino. No better way to dream of all of these fabulous items than to play with them, photograph them, and feel like they are mine.

Shop Valentino via Neiman Marcus.

I’ve been a longtime Valentino fan, and since the brand hit handbag paydirt with its Rockstud collection, it’s been fun to watch how the accessories continue to evolve. When I first heard the news that the brand would release a camouflage collection, I immediately felt excitement. The first release of the Valentino Camouflage is a men’s collection, with women’s to follow.

Tons of designers are sending camo down the runway for their Fall 2013 collections (like Michael Kors, for example) and it seems Valentino is ahead of the curve. True to the exquisite designs the house is known for, Valentino utilizes a famouglage technique that’s obtained from laser-cut leather, which is then heat sealed and printed for an army effect. The final products are edgy and energizing, with a color palette ranging from green, camel, blue, black, grey and ivory with splashes of rust, red and acid green.

From small accessories to messenger-style bags to clothing, the array of items in the line offers something for the man in your life. I love a good camo piece, and seeing a brand known for refined, elegant styles adding a little spunk to its repertoire is always exciting. The big news is if you are in NYC, you need to head to Jeffrey RIGHT now – the Camouflage Collaboration is exclusively available at Jeffrey. That ends after today, February 20th. If you miss it, don’t worry, there is plenty to follow!

Have you ever taken one look at a collection at handbags and thought that somehow, the designer is listening to your thoughts and plotting to make you and you alone spend all of your money on bags? It doesn’t happen often, but that’s what I felt as soon as I saw the bags from Valentino Pre-Fall 2013, which is up for pre-sale at Moda Operandi through February 3. Black-on-black embellishments, ruby studs, black-and-ruby leopard print calf hair – we’re speaking my language here.

The collection includes the Rockstud, VaVaVoom and Glam Lock shapes and details that we’ve come to expect from Valentino, but for pre-fall, they’re done in a darkly glamourous, very limited palette that evokes the idea of a femme fatale. It’s very different than the sweetly feminine looks that the brand favors for warm-weather collections, but Valentino finds a way to make the two moods feel like opposite sides of the same coin. Check out the bags in our slideshow below or head straight to Moda Operandi to pre-order both bags and shoes.

Today we have Lisa Vanderpump (of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules) on her way in to castmate Brandi Glanville’s book party for Drinking & Tweeting (aka the story of my life) in Beverly Hills. Her blindingly beautiful (almost literally) bag is none other than the Valentino Glam Lock Large Shoulder Bag. We were excited to see these pics, because we’ve never seen this Valentino bag in such a mondo size. You might have to have Lisa Vanderpump-esque connections to get your hands on this one, but a small version with a different crystal design can be obtained at Neiman Marcus for $2895.

Have you been watching and enjoying Lisa’s RHOBH spin-off? I’ve only been seeing the really awful clips that Joel McHale and Whitney Cummings make fun of on E! Is the rest of the show more redeemable?

Fortunately for everyone who loves handbags, Valentino has been absolutely killing it lately. The Rockstud collection is as popular as ever, the new bags that come out every season are somehow more covetable than the ones that came before them, and the brand seems to have really found its overall aesthetic stride. Valentino looks very Valentino lately, and that’s a wonderful thing. (more…)

Season after season, without fail, Valentino has adorned leather bags great and small with the tiny silver pyramids known affectionately as Rockstuds. Sometimes they’re just an accent, sometimes they take up the whole bag, but they’re always there, and until recently, they were always the same. For fall, Valentino Noir introduced us to a darker side of the girlish look, and now spring brings with it the exact opposite – lemony enamel studs on matching pastel leather.

Sweet pastels feel like a natural fit for the ultra-feminine Valentino aesthetic, and a change in both color and texture is a smart way to both extend that aesthetic and extend the life of the Rockstud brand by making the bags feel continually new. This particular bag would be a perfect option for early spring, when it just starts to get consistently warm and flowers are starting to bloom. We made the case yesterday for yellow as a huge warm-weather trend for 2013, and this bag would be a great way to start that off.

Do you like the enamel-covered studs, or would you prefer your yellow Valentino bag with silver accents? If you prefer the enamel, watch out – it comes with a price increase attached. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $4,095.

PB readers, we’ve heard your “NO MORE BIRKINS” cries, and we’re happy to oblige! (Though honestly, we should all demand the same from our celebrities. We get it, you can all afford $10K bags!) Here’s Jennifer Lopez clutching her man Casper Smart with one hand and a sexy Valentino Noir VaVaVoom Flap Bag with the other. (They’re making their exit from Madeo in Beverly Hills, where they dined last week.) This bag can be yours forever if you snap it up for $2,395 at Neiman Marcus.

When I think “VaVaVoom”, I’m generally not thinking of something that’s shaped like a rectangle, but I think the name works well for this luxe Valentino bag, with that sumptuous Napa leather and those pyramid crystal studs. Just wait until that metal chain strap comes off – you won’t be able to take your hands off it. (No, you literally won’t be able to, because it converts to a clutch.)

Most trends lack real staying power, especially in these times of fast fashion and even faster attention spans. Last week’s studs are this week’s fur and next week’s embroidery, and by the time one set of stuff is in stores, many people are already hungering for what’s up next. One thing that’s stayed noticeably consistent for the past few seasons, though, is bold colorblocking, like on this Valentino Glam Lock Colorblock Flap Bag. Not only does each element of the design have a different color than the element next to it, but even Valentino’s signature studs are enameled to fit with the scheme.

I find myself still digging this bag, which is from Resort 2013, quite a bit, although maybe just a tad less than I did a few months ago when it made its debut in showroom previews. Colorblocking doesn’t have that special shine of newness anymore, but it still feels modern and clean to me when done well. Particularly when the weather starts to get warmer, this will probably be a really fun bag to incorporate into a wardrobe, but by then, will you want to? I certainly wouldn’t turn this design down, but has colorblocking worn out its welcome for you?

Perhaps it’s a little bit more complicated than that. Entirely bright colorblocked pieces strike me very different than those which incorporate neutrals. The neutral approach feels fresher overall, but mostly, it’s surprising how long the entire trend has endured. If you’re still in love, you can pick up this bag for $1,895 via Neiman Marcus.

As Resort 2013 collections start to roll into online retailers for pre-order, it’s easier to get an idea of what’s going on with each brand. For Reed Krakoff, blue is going to be huge, in nearly all of its imaginable shades. On the other hand, for Valentino, the major theme seems to be pretty. Pretty beading, pretty rhinestones, pretty colors, pretty shapes. Everything from Valentino Resort 2013 is unabashedly feminine in the most detailed, luxurious way possible.

If you hang out with us often, you probably know that absolutely none of these bags fit my personal style. It doesn’t matter, though; they’re so good at what they set out to do, they accomplish it so thoroughly and so well, that my personal style didn’t even cross my mind when I saw the collection. All I could think was that I’d like to have them all in my possession, immediately, if not sooner. I don’t know what I’d wear any of them with, because the stuff in my closet surely wouldn’t work, but I’d maybe consider buying a couple new outfits, just for extra-fancy Valentino handbag days. Yes. That sounds like the most logical thing to do.

As always, check out all the glittery goodies below.

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