Valentino Noir (4)

There are few things I love more than the color black. I wear it all summer, I’ve been known to dye my hair jet black, and when I was a little kid going to kindergarten orientation, I told my school counselor that my favorite color was black, much to the embarrassment of my mother. (Apparently, I didn’t get the memo that little girls are supposed to love pink.) If you’re a regular PurseBlog reader, you also know that Megs and I are huge fans of the entire Valentino Rockstud line. When you put those two things together, you get Valentino Noir, which is a little bit of manna from handbag heaven.

Up until now, Valentino’s Rockstud bags, shoes and accessories have always featured light silver studs, which work well with a wide variety of leather colors, including black. For this line, though, Valentino has taken dark silver studs (some of them covered in gorgeous pavé crystals) and paired them with black bags made of everything from regular leather to calf hair to crocodile. The collection also includes shoes and jewelry, but you know where our allegiances lie. Check out the handbags, which range from $795 for a small leather shoulder bag to $If You Have To Ask, You Can’t Afford It for a crocodile and pavé shoulder bag, after the jump. Check out the full line of Noir pieces via Valentino.

  • fendifemale

    I love the dark studs!

  • Jennesia

    I prefer the darker studs…this is just my preference….but I feel as if the darker studs give the bag a more sleek/chic look.

  • Angelica Kitty Mellander

    Someone must really love valentino here, am I right ;)

  • Mariela

    I love this bag especially the studded one

  • Dominic Leto

    It has always amused me how regular shoppers and quote “girly girls” are so turned off by utilizing the color black frequently. I often find this to be the easiest way to tell if someone knows the fashion world well, or not. The inner circle of this community has a huge affinity for blackout outfits and accessories (Hermes SO Black, I’m looking at you). This is largely due to the cliche of Parisians wearing nothing but black and neutrals. It is nice to see an Italian house follow suit with this idea.

  • VivaLaDolceVida

    I’m always afraid that the studs will fall off, but otherwise it’s a decent collection, but how many black handbags from high fashion designers can a person have? Valentino is color, lots of beautiful color and feminine designs, I really do not like what the new creative directors have done with fashion house, I miss the old Valentino Garavani!

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