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  • Blair Sylvester

    I think some of them look awkward when they make the bag smaller but they don’t really seem to scale the parts down (Like the Prada bag and the McQueen. I think it looks a bit cramped

  • KateMiddleton

    The Givenchy Antigona mini feels so awkward.

  • pe.riche.

    I’m not sure how functional the “mini me” versions of these bags will be but, from an ornamental viewpoint, they are cray-cray adorbs.

  • Rob

    Alexander McQueen Padlock Tote, colour and design a hit

  • Lynnie

    How come all these mini bags don’t have mini price tags?

  • S

    I dont know how I feel about the mini Givenchy antigona.. it looks forced.

  • I often find if a bag comes in a “small” it suits me better, but mini bags often look better on shelves than on people…

  • hikarupanda

    I think some bags totally eliminate the wow effect once they shrink it (peekaboo, antigona etc.). The only bag I truly adore after they shrink it is the 2jours! In fact, I was eyeing the medium 2jours but thought it’s too heavy and too big on my petite frame, and given the size of the bag I thought it looks awkward if it’s carried by the shoulder strap (and I really need bags that can be carried on shoulder as a mom). Then two days later I discovered the mini version and viola, I was sold!

  • louch

    Bring it on I say!! I am one of these strange women who only carries a wallet, keys, phone and lip balm in my bag. Pretty much ever. Despite a wardrobe of bags, i continuously use my Bal Giant Hip bag day after day after day. I have a lovely Givenchy Antigona Medium in Purple Goat which is TDF but I find it too big for daily use. I’d love a Mulberry mini bag one day.

  • It would be nice to see these pictures compared to your larger counterparts so you could see the scale better

  • kindled

    PS1 ends up looking a little bit cluttered. I think I’d need to see one in person.

  • Chrissy Namanny

    My biggest problem is the purses with the zippers exposed- like the Antigona and especially that Prada. In my opinion, it makes them look cheap- which we all they know they aren’t! I also agree with Lynnie- you’re telling me the mini PS1 is $1475 and I can get the medium for $225 more? If money was no issue, I’d love the Mini 2Jours!

  • ellavanw

    I don’t think the proportions work very well on most of these – handle plus strap plus hardware is a lot of stuff going on in a small space. I really like, e.g., the mini Pandora because it is basically just a pouch and a strap. Chanel WOC also nails the proportions on the small bag. These minis just look overloaded to me.

  • Valleygal

    Such cute bags deff not for everyday on the go use i love my big bags sorry minis!!!

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