Today might feel like a typical Monday (or it might feel a little atypical because of your brown liquor hangover from the Mad Men premiere, yeah, I know what you were doing last night), but around these parts, today kicks off our Fall 2012 Trends Week. That’s right, each day we’re going to highlight a people accessories look from the Fall 2012 runways, tell you which bags you should be anticipating and show you where you can shop the trend right now, if you’re the impatient type.

The minty fresh Alexander Wang bags from last week got me thinking – if Alexander Wang can make a pastel bag, and if I can find something to love about its utter lightness, then there has to be a pastel bag out there for everyone. Many of you weren’t as enthusiastic about the Wang bags as Megs and I were, but that’s ok; if I can come around to the idea of pastels, so can anyone.

Ok, so we’ve spent plenty of time lately talking about brights, neons and other assorted eye-assaulting colors that you might want to wear for spring. While Megs and I love and adore those kinds of bags, we realize that they may not be for every, either in a practical or an aesthetic sense. If you’d like something a tad more neutral but you still want to update your bag wardrobe for spring, you’re in luck – snakeskin is still the texture that everyone wants to have.

Every year, Pantone picks a new color as a PR stunt to have us all talk about Pantone and colors for a week or two. Every year, it totally works. It’s a gimmick with staying power! Most years, the color selections seem a bit…off, at least by fashion standards. The last two have been a dark teal and a disappointingly middling shade of pink, neither of which had anything to do with the neon-a-gogo mood of the style industry in 2010 and 2011.

When it became clear that ivory and pastels were going to be one of the biggest trends of 2012, I felt a bit disheartened at first. Very light colors can be a bit challenging to most skin tones, much more so than brights or jewel tones. Since we’re all basically self-interested people, I feel as though I should admit that they look particularly bad on me, which makes it especially hard to embrace even a subtle and ladylike trend like the largely cool-toned (it makes them less retro!) pastels of the Spring 2012 runways.

Gaging a trend’s lifespan can be a precarious endeavor, particularly when that trend is born out of something like leopard print, which is an innate classic whether its haters want to admit it or not. It’s been around for ages, and even though it tends to fall in and out of favor cyclically, it will never leave the style world entirely.

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Even with the rapidly changing landscape of fashion criticism and American Vogue‘s relative conservatism compared to its European counterparts, the magazine and its website are still first and foremost among the industry’s most important publications. When Vogue says that something’s important, designers, buyers and consumers pay attention, and recently posted its picks\ for the season’s key accessories trends.

Rochas Giallo Tote Bag, $1065. Rochas Borsa R18 Sporco Bag, $1695. Both via Saks.

Despite the fact that I have chosen maximalism as my overarching aesthetic theme, I have a healthy respect for those who do minimal and do it well. During the days of Olivier Theyskens, Rochas was never accused of embracing minimalism, but now that the brand’s creative vision has changed hands, the brand’s most widely available foray into handbags yet has lines so straight that my back aches just looking at them.

You’ve probably heard much being made over both crimson and cobalt as the colors to wear for fall, but the accessories that I’ve seen over the past few days make me wonder: Is orange going to be the real star of the show? Have we all ignored the obvious winner?

I was already planning to put together a roundup of orange bags for fall yesterday when Proenza Schouler tweeted the above picture from W magazine of the brand’s PS11 in a lovely shade of pumpkin.

Left to right: Henry Beguelin Croc Embossed Tote with Fox Tail Charm, $1645. Gucci Smilla Top Handle, $5200. Henry Beguelin Fox Detailed Tote, $1520. All via Neiman Marcus.

I remember a couple of seasons ago when Louis Vuitton debuted detachable fox tails on the Spring 2010 runway and everyone threw a fit over how silly and tacky and unreasonable they were.

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