If this post seems like deja vu, you’re not entirely wrong. Over seven months ago, we wrote about how the flared gusset, made popular by Phoebe Philo at Celine and the brand’s now-inescapable Luggage Totes and Trapeze Bags, had turned into a full-fledged trend of its own. As spring bags flooded into stores, I couldn’t help but marvel at how many bags are still embracing the look, particularly now that Luggage Totes themselves are no longer as difficult to get as they once were. Over at Business of Fashion, they noticed the exact same phenomenon.

In the BOF piece, Bergdorf Goodman’s Linda Fargo even goes so far as to favorably compare Celine to Hermes, and when a fashion retail heavyweight like Fargo uses those words, they’re not to be taken lightly. As Celine’s gussets get seemingly wider and wider, expect to see the brand’s influence in the realm of handbag design widen as well. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best new options on the market for spring that will get you on board with the trend without requiring that you fly to New York to visit the Celine Madison Avenue mothership.

Now that we’ve had some time to let the Fall 2013 runways marinate, a few key handbag trends have started to pop out. Fur and exotics will make a return once again this year, which is either fantastic or terrible, depending on your personal ethics and/or bank account. A new trend that we noticed, though, was the preponderance of chain embellishments on the season’s bags. While the word “chain” might bring about thoughts of bikers and bondage, the season’s chains, from straps to trim, are much more varied and often more subtle than you’d first guess.

Fall 2013 might seem like it’s a long way off, but it’s never too early to start planning future purchases, especially when you consider how much bags cost these days. Plus, with the weather the way it is in New York (it was a balmy 35 degrees yesterday), these bags feel a lot more appropriate than raffia totes and brightly colored crossbodies at the moment. To wit, we’ve collected the best demonstrations of the trend from the Fall 2013 global runways and assembled them into an easy guide from you below. They range from ladylike at Tory Burch and Oscar de la Renta to tough at Versace and Loewe, and it should come as no surprise that Chanel is a perennial front-runner when it comes to chain-accented handbags.

[All images via Vogue]

For some reason, I didn’t see this studded clutch trend coming. I don’t remember seeing a plethora of studs on the runway for Spring 2013, and heavy metal embellishments are usually more of a staple of fall collections (more on that tomorrow, actually). The more I thought about it though, these bags may have come about, at least in part, as a response to the enduring, perhaps even increasing, popularity of the Valentino Rockstud line, which has enjoyed seasons of success because of its smart combination of traditional femininity, luxury and toughness.

Some of these designers, like Alexander McQueen and Christian Louboutin, would undoubtedly be using the punk metal embellishments. For a brand like Tory Burch or Diane von Furstenberg, though, the Rockstud’s longevity is proof positive that women are drawn to the combination of two such disparate styles. Perhaps because bold details are more easily digestible in small amounts, the trend has manifested itself in tons of clutches, pouches and minaudieres. Below, we’ve picked the best, including plenty of colorful options that will make studs easier to pull off in the coming warm weather, starting at $128.

We’ve known that a serious holographic trend was coming for some time now, but now that a brand as chic and venerable as Lanvin has chosen to embrace the trend in handbag form with the Lanvin Happy Holographic Python Shoulder Bag, we thought it would be worth a second look. The finish is inherently futuristic, but this bag is nothing but ladylike and pretty. If nothing else, Lanvin demonstrates beautifully that holograms are perhaps more versatile than you might have assumed (not to mention, useful for purposes beyond having dead rappers perform at Coachella).

When Proenza Schouler debuted a holographic PS11 for Resort 2013, you guys were split – some loved the look, others thought it looked cheap. Holograms, both leather and python, have gained much more traction in footwear, likely because such a bold finish plays well on a smaller canvas that’s further from the natural line of sight. Most other designers who have gone the handbag route, like Stella McCartney and Celine, have done so with very simple pouch-clutches. This bag, though, offers a much bigger expanse of hologram, not to mention a more complicated design.

So what say you, PurseBloggers? Now that the trend has arrived, will you embrace it, either in bags or shoes?

Buy this bag for $4,240 via Net-a-Porter.

Not long ago, it was hard to find a good, modern floral print. Flowers felt a bit old-fashioned, and most bands passed them by for more futuristic-feeling geometric designs. Stripes, in particular, had a moment as the industry’s biggest trend. Then Resort 2012 came around, and Celine changed how everyone felt about flowers on their clothes with the wave of a single black-based floral leather motorcycle jacket (and the button-down and cigarette pants that matched it). Because everything that Celine designer Phoebe Philo touches turns to cool, we now have a bumper crop of beautiful florals to pick from, many of which appear on this season’s most covetable bags.

For my dollars, the best of the florals are black-based, just like Celine’s; they take some of the simple girlishness out of wearing something so feminine and provide a bit of a darker edge. (Not to mention that they help hide wear on a handbag.) We’ve assembled a list of the finest flower-adorned bags around, and you might notice that, on average, they’re a bit more affordable than most of the bags we write about. That’s because many of them are at least partially non-leather, which both makes them perfect for warm weather and gives your wallet a bit of a break. Check out our picks below.

We discussed whether or not clear bags are purely a novelty a couple of weeks ago, and now there’s a new player in this trend that won’t be ignored, even if you can see right through its bags: Valentino. (Har har har, I know, bad joke. They’re not all winners.) The Valentino Rockstud Naked Bags (and shoes!) are a good deal more expensive than their quirky-contemporary counterparts in the clear bag trend, but the price comes with an unparalleled level of sophistication. If you doubted that clear PVC could be elegant, Valentino begs to differ.

These bags are gorgeously designed, but naturally, they present the same challenges as any other see-through bag, no matter the price point. How do you use the bag as a functional piece without ruining the extremely spare lines of the design? Does carrying a clear bag of this taste level require a brand new wallet, cell phone case and key ring for continuity? Does anyone want to see my grubby, color-transfered wallet that I bought when I was still in college? Would I besmirch this bag with it anyway? Before you buy one of these bags, make sure you’ve got a plan. Luckily, the equally lust-worth Valentino Rockstud Naked Shoes don’t present quite as many functional quandaries.

Most of the collection has yet to arrive in stores, but you can buy the Valentino Rockstud Naked Glam Lock Shoulder Bag for $1,795 in Neiman Marcus. Several styles of shoes are also available via Neiman Marcus. Check out more pieces below.

Valentino Rockstud Naked Tote Valentino Rockstud Naked Glam Lock Shoulder Bag Valentino Rockstud Naked Shopping Tote Valentino Rockstud Naked Thong Sandals Valentino Rockstud Naked Clutch Valentino Rockstud Naked VaVaVoom Shoulder Bag

I can’t believe it’s already the end of Milan Fashion Week! Paris is underway as we speak, but before we fully commit to a new city, we’d like to take a look at some of the best pieces and trends that came out of Italy for Fall 2013. Both fur and exotics are still going strong, and you might want to look for pieces in bright red and cyan to hit stores six months from now. It’s too early to start shopping, though, so let’s take a look at the best runway bags Milan Fall 2013 had to offer.

If ever you doubted that the 90s are back, I give you: backpacks. Fancy ones, made by everyone from the likes of The Row and Jason Wu to contemporary stars like Alexander Wang and Tory Burch. Oh, and those Prada backpacks immortalized in 10 Things I Hate About You? Yeah, those are still around too, and they will still make you take your Sketchers for granted. That being said, are your ready for the return of the backpack?

Personally, I wouldn’t call myself enthusiastic about this trend, exactly, but I’m not mad at it. The first purse I ever remember really, really wanting was a little black faux leather backpack during my halcyon elementary school days in the mid-90s, and when I got it, I adorned it with a cute keychain and wore it until the stuffing came out of the straps. If I came across the right grown-up backpack, I’d certainly consider carrying it; I walk a lot, after all, and having my hands free is a luxury I don’t take lightly. I’ll be sticking to my crossbody for now, but perhaps one of the luxury backpacks we’ve scouted out below can make you a convert.

No matter your location, when you think of spring, you probably think of color. And for those of you (like us) who happen to live in a part of the world in the midst of a gray, cold winter, I think it’s fair to say we look forward to Spring just a bit more than the average person.

As you can imagine, I was more than thrilled to select some of my favorite brightly colored bags for this coming Spring. Check out the Glossi I put together featuring the Best Bright Bags for Spring and you will find a variety of amazing bags (and price points) from designers like Diane von Furstenberg, Valentino, Proenza Schouler and Bottega Veneta. (more…)

When I look at my handbag collection, I always find that I am lacking when it comes to neutral colors. I’m usually drawn to bold shades, but having a great neutral bag is mighty important, and I am now on the hunt for one myself. The best part about neutral hues is you can carry the bag for every season and many years – the shades work with warm winter colors and bright spring pastels alike.

From a chic everyday Rochas tote to an edgy Jimmy Choo shoulder bag to a classic Reed Krakoff Boxer Bag, we did the research for you and found three neutral bags you can carry both right now and always.

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