Navy Blue Handbags

Some trends announce themselves early and often; fur, for instance, is not only difficult to miss in even its most sedate incarnations, but fur bags have been paraded up and down so many international runways that you’d have to be actively avoiding the information not to know that every designer is going to try to sell you something fuzzy come fall. Other trends sneak up more quietly; you don’t hear them mentioned and retail stores don’t put any emphasis on them, and then suddenly there are navy handbags everywhere and no one is talking about it.

In most instances, navy isn’t all that strange a sight, but navy leather goods have never been as popular or as widely available as their black or brown counterparts. Done poorly, the bags and shoes (but especially the shoes) can look dated, but this crop of navy bags looks fresh and modern. The best part, of course, is that navy is a neutral – it’ll be super easy to work into your wardrobe, and personally, I’m particularly partial to navy and black together. To get the look, check out the bags below.

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  • yellowgirl

    That suede prada is making me go crazy! gorg!!

    • aquamarine_hk

      but looks a bit like Celine…

  • ????? ??????????

    Love the Balenciaga!

  • EGlez ?

    The suede Prada is UH-mazing! And the Ferragamo looks awesome in that shade of blue,

  • Eva Feld

    Navy has always been my black. Half my wardrobe is navy as I have extremely light skin and in broad daylight black looks too gothic on me. ;) Love the post!

  • Jeloi

    love all of them

  • Michelle Perkins

    I’ll have to tell my husband he’s ahead of the curve, he bought me a navy Michael Kors for Mother’s Day

  • Debbie

    You are spot on. Navy did sort of sneak up on us didn’t it. About a month ago, I woke up thinking “I want a navy bag with gold hardware”, and began my hunt that weekend. It was between the Chloe Marcie, Proenza PS1, and even Michael Kors Selma. Then, I walked past the Prada boutique as I was leaving, spotted the Saffiano Tote in Bluette..and fell in love. Navy goes with everything and adds a little color to my preference for neutrals. I hope this stays for a while =)

  • iloveuhehe

    You’re 20XX-and-late! :D I’ve always loved navy bags and is my personal “black”. I hope it doesn’t become a huge thing.

  • xeqixem27

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