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  • yellowgirl

    That suede prada is making me go crazy! gorg!!

    • aquamarine_hk

      but looks a bit like Celine…

  • Love the Balenciaga!

  • The suede Prada is UH-mazing! And the Ferragamo looks awesome in that shade of blue,

  • Navy has always been my black. Half my wardrobe is navy as I have extremely light skin and in broad daylight black looks too gothic on me. ;) Love the post!

  • Jeloi

    love all of them

  • Michelle Perkins

    I’ll have to tell my husband he’s ahead of the curve, he bought me a navy Michael Kors for Mother’s Day

  • Debbie

    You are spot on. Navy did sort of sneak up on us didn’t it. About a month ago, I woke up thinking “I want a navy bag with gold hardware”, and began my hunt that weekend. It was between the Chloe Marcie, Proenza PS1, and even Michael Kors Selma. Then, I walked past the Prada boutique as I was leaving, spotted the Saffiano Tote in Bluette..and fell in love. Navy goes with everything and adds a little color to my preference for neutrals. I hope this stays for a while =)

  • iloveuhehe

    You’re 20XX-and-late! :D I’ve always loved navy bags and is my personal “black”. I hope it doesn’t become a huge thing.

  • xeqixem27

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