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  • twoturntables

    The Row and the YSL are my favorite. Especially the Row, what incredible design. I can’t wait for the day where my bag doesn’t have to carry a computer so I can “justify” a smaller 2,000 bag because I’ll wear it everyday ;).

  • kindled

    love the row hobo, but not quite willing to spend the money on it

  • OH I dream for a Louis Vuitton SC satchel.. amazing.

  • Elaine Weiss Whitman

    Those “doctor” bags crack me up! In the `950s, my late father, an Internist, kept his black pebbled-leather medical bag in the truck of the car. Of course, those were innocent times. Nobody thought about car break-ins, or drugs, or legal liability. But when I look at that $5,000 LV satchel, I can just imagine Dad shaking his head and chucking.

  • ComeLetsTalk

    That Row is giving me life right now.

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