Floral Handbags Spring 2013

Not long ago, it was hard to find a good, modern floral print. Flowers felt a bit old-fashioned, and most bands passed them by for more futuristic-feeling geometric designs. Stripes, in particular, had a moment as the industry’s biggest trend. Then Resort 2012 came around, and Celine changed how everyone felt about flowers on their clothes with the wave of a single black-based floral leather motorcycle jacket (and the button-down and cigarette pants that matched it). Because everything that Celine designer Phoebe Philo touches turns to cool, we now have a bumper crop of beautiful florals to pick from, many of which appear on this season’s most covetable bags.

For my dollars, the best of the florals are black-based, just like Celine’s; they take some of the simple girlishness out of wearing something so feminine and provide a bit of a darker edge. (Not to mention that they help hide wear on a handbag.) We’ve assembled a list of the finest flower-adorned bags around, and you might notice that, on average, they’re a bit more affordable than most of the bags we write about. That’s because many of them are at least partially non-leather, which both makes them perfect for warm weather and gives your wallet a bit of a break. Check out our picks below.

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  • klynneann

    Love the Gucci and Red Valentino!

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