Alexander McQueen Embroidered Unicorn and Skull Clutch

Now that aggressive colorblocking (and to a certain extent, pattern-mixing) has run its course, designers have moved on to mixing textures. One wonders exactly where the fashion industry will go once piling beads, fur, studs and jingle bells onto the same outfit becomes tiresome (all the way back around to stark minimalism, probably), but for the moment, your style pursuit for fall is to load up on all the wonderful textures you can.

We all know that fur and bags often don’t mix, and beading can make your purse look a little too precious for regular use, so what’s an accessories fiend to do? Embroidery is one big option for fall, and if you don’t mind channeling grandma (or maybe you really dig it), it might just be the perfect, detailed, texture-rich way to go. Check out our picks for the season’s ten best embroidered bags, from Jason Wu to Alexander McQueen, after the jump.

Jason Wu Chinoiserie Embroidered and Beaded Clutch, $1805 via Neiman Marcus

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  • Nefertiti Habibi

    Yeah, I’m so glad this trend is taking hold. Now my Rafe (sorry, this font doesn’t support the accent mark over the ‘e’) for Target raffia-embroidered straw clutch (w/beaded optional strap) is more fashionable than it was when I got it! And I think I paid no more that tweninine bucks for it!

  • DorianGray

    A great Versace bag, the best one.

  • Ilene Glantz

    Handiwork is one of the few visible arts in fashion which require time and labor. Zara and H & M ‘s variations are less rich in true craftsmanship.The McQueen bag needlework is also selling well @ NM as a slipper shoe.

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