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  • marina harbor

    Im actually loving all of this bags!.. It’s been a long time I don’t have a Drawstring bag and they do look fresh an new.
    For a while Im head over heels with Muzungu Sisters, “Delphine Delafon” drawsting bag… it is so cute, but to expensive for what it is.

  • ninaf

    I am just not going to buy a bag that won’t stay shut with a zipper. Drawstrings don’t stay shut.

  • Ashleyg

    While the LV and Tory Burch are quite impressive, I just can’t do they drawstring. My mom has a super old drawstring LV in the mono and as much as I love carrying around her treasures, I just couldn’t stand the function of it. I’m definitely a duffel/satchel girl.

  • lilay

    What about the mansur graviel ones?

  • Tingeling N

    I like the old-school Chanel drawstring :)

  • janenuqui

    I despise drawstring bags (not structured and secure enough for my satchel-loving self), but I have fallen hard for that Marc by Marc Jacobs animal print bag. It needs to be in my life stat!

  • Sally Wilson

    I have the Marc by Marc Jacobs one in fluro yellow, too cute, and just in time for a southern hemisphere spring!

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