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  • The problem with backpacks i find is, they’re not suitable for the working woman nor for students in their 20s. Speaking as a student myself, these “fashion” backpacks just don’t fit the bill the same as a satchel does (and there are some fabulous satchels out there for the same price). And need i speak why a grown woman won’t buy them? I like some of them obviously, but won’t spend my money on something that I so not need.

    • Graefka

      I’m a working woman in my 30s, and I actually find backpacks extremely practical for business. I have scoliosis, and so it’s very uncomfortable for me to carry the weight of my laptop in a crossbody messenger bag. I don’t think any of these backpacks would be practical for me for work, but I love my Tumi Calais backpack for my computer, notepads, and miscellaneous electronic bits and bobs. I carry a handbag in addition to my backpack for wallet, cosmetics, etc.

  • BlairBear

    I have a Coach backpack that I love and get nonstop compliments on (I’m a guy) It is roomy enough to fit a computer and books/sweater and it is comfortable to carry. I am going back to Grad School in the fall and hope it will help me stand apart from undergraduates but be able to carry all the stuff I need

  • C

    I love the look of these backpacks – the bright colors and quirky designs are fun, and can be styled with some really cute outfits.

    But I just can’t bring myself to use a backpack as a purse because it’s so inconvenient to use while I’m out and about; I can just reach down into a satchel or tote or hobo, but with a backpack, you have to take it off your shoulder and root around for it awkwardly. The only backpack I use is a North Face with a built-in laptop sleeve, for when I go to class or the library. But if I had some extra money lying around and didn’t care too much about functionality, a lot of these would be options!

    • kimmie

      I agree with you about the inconvenience and also I’m concerned about security. I just don’t feel safe with my bag hanging from my back where someone could get inside without my knowledge.

  • Jane

    I never thought I would wear a backpack again, but running after a two year old boy at museums, parks, libraries, and basically anywhere he can walk I can’t keep up anymore with him caring a purse and diaper bag. I feel like Mary Poppins because you have to be prepared for everything and anything that might occur on an outing. I am in the search for a backpack and I am so grateful for this post. I will be buying one ASAP!!! I will let you know what I get and how it works as a mom on the go.

  • shueaddict

    I am in my late 30’s , I work and travel like crazy and I must say, although a tote is definitely more stylish I have been tempted recently by the A Wang backpack – the designers have definitely upped the backpack style stakes.
    On my last trip to Munich I have seen 3 Asian men wearing the MCM studded backpack ( and I was in the city for a grand total of 4 hours). Obviously, Amanda, yor fan base is far reaching.

  • shueaddict

    oh … you forgot the Mulberry / Cara Delevigne quilted backpacks

  • I asked the team at WGSN if they thought iconic bags would be reproduced as backpacks… mostly because I thought they would be and wanted confirmation. Looks like its happening.

  • watchesandmore

    I loved my backpack years ago….like to revisit it!

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