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  • Sandra

    I think I am going to let this trend pass me by….too weird or impractical for me. The Tod’s bag looks like it has a mustache!

    • It’s very trendy versus a wear all the time for every season item

      • shueaddict

        I am with Sandra here, I cannot see myself working it. I am a huge Valentino fan but this season – in between the fringe and the new round studs I don’t like anything very much

  • I think the Gucci is perfection! I own one fringe bag but I rarely take it out… I think the look requires some attitude to pull off.

    • Ya I think so too, trying to decide on one for myself and I’m definitely going with Gucci.

  • kindled

    The Gucci bags are both beautiful, but I’m 100% sure I’d like them better if they didn’t have fringe.

  • I really don’t like fringe. At all. Reminds me of all that tacky festival styles that I hate (Love the festivals though!). However both Gucci bags made me eat my words and lust over them

  • Kathy Dowdle

    I just love the fringe bags! They remind me of my high school days back in the 1970s. Showing my age I know, but it is what it is. They just look young and free!

  • Liv

    My mother had a bag that looked just like the blue Gucci so I do like that one. The rest of them though are awful. The BV one just scream “please, can I be in the club”.

  • JjangJaeSung

    I was never drawn to fringe but when I saw the Gucci bags in store I was obsessed. The pop of color with the fringe was definitely lust worthy especially in the python! There was a Valentino tote with fringe from this season that my friend got that I love as well but for me I’d love even just the finger clutch (:

  • Aqua Skye

    I love the fringe!!! The Silver Stella is gorgeous. The Lanvin & Fendi are classy. The Tod is simple and a classic. And Gucci rocks!!! People are too conservative.

    • Love bags!

      I almost bought the silver Stella fringe but didn’t because in the circles I travel it just wouldn’t fit in.

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  • fashionistagurl28

    This article is great! So many cute bags, I love them all and wish I could afford them:)

    The Stella Mccartney and Valentino look like a few bags on

    Again! Love this article.

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