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  • dds262

    I own the proenza schouler metallic leather wallet in the dark plum color – and I had to file the toggle clasp on the front – it was so sharp it cut me. I am also not thrilled with how easily it scratches. I will also say I am HUGE proenza schouler fan – I all PS bags – but am going to go back to chanel wallets because of my experience with this wallet in particular.

  • Denise

    I recently saw a shoulder bag by Coach called Legacy Slim Clutch in metallic Leather as well. I loved that it was little metallic instead of it being completely metallic.

  • AEKK

    The second and third one are too shiny! Super pretty.
    Just for young girls, the pretty bags suit them perfectly.
    But i think it’ll be more amazing if they fit with some cute jewelry.

  • Super love to metallic bags! They are awesome.

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