Metallic Mirror Leather Handbags

When you consider the minimal, modern direction that fashion has been heading in for several seasons, plus the overwhelming success of the holographic leather trend, the emergence of mirrored metallic leather as a bonafide trend isn’t particularly shocking. Stiff and futuristic, high-shine mirrored finishes can only really exist in a fashion climate that encourages us all to dress like space ladies from Planet Street Style. They’re perfect for structured bags with limited details, such as the minimalistic zippered pouch-clutches that have become ubiquitous.

Indeed, mirrored leather does mostly manifest itself in clutches and evening bags, but for the adventurous, we found a few larger shoulder bags that will allow you to reflect enough sunlight that you can properly work on your tan through the frigid winter months. Remember, it’s not just about fashion, it’s also about function.

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  • dds262

    I own the proenza schouler metallic leather wallet in the dark plum color – and I had to file the toggle clasp on the front – it was so sharp it cut me. I am also not thrilled with how easily it scratches. I will also say I am HUGE proenza schouler fan – I all PS bags – but am going to go back to chanel wallets because of my experience with this wallet in particular.

  • Denise

    I recently saw a shoulder bag by Coach called Legacy Slim Clutch in metallic Leather as well. I loved that it was little metallic instead of it being completely metallic.

  • AEKK

    The second and third one are too shiny! Super pretty.
    Just for young girls, the pretty bags suit them perfectly.
    But i think it’ll be more amazing if they fit with some cute jewelry.

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