If you’re sick of losing your luggage in a sea of black Samsonite nylon on the luggage trolley at the airport, we may have an alternative for you. And no, we’re not going to suggest that you put a brightly colored pipe cleaner on the handle – too many people have caught on to that trick, and where do you buy pipe cleaners, anyway? Like, what aisle are those on at Target?

If a more stylish option is your cup of tea, consider the Tumi Voyageur Python Avignon International Carry-on.

Tumi Voyageur Python Avignon International Carry-on

Obviously, this suitcase isn’t made out of ACTUAL python. Air travel is grimy and rough at times, particularly on bags, and python just isn’t a durable material. Plus, it would have taken like a million of them to make a bag this big, and then only like four people would be able to afford it. Instead, we’ve got a python print on Tumi’s super tough nylon that’s trimmed in rich brown leather. I guarantee you that no one at the terminal will have luggage anything like yours. Buy through Tumi for $595.

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  • Anna

    Tumi always has interesting options in addition to their “normal” line of super-durable luggage. No matter what you choose, you know you are getting luggage incredibly high in quality. That said, this is quite stylish! I myself prefer one-color luggage to printed luggage, though.

  • Bree

    LOVE IT!!!! A must purchase!!!

  • Kara

    Have any of you ladies seen the Bendel luggage? If you want a way cuter bag for the exact same price their roller is RIDICULOUS. The print is soo soooo fun! I get stopped in every airport I go to asking where i got it! They do not have the black trim online but oooo so so delicious!

  • Mary K. C.

    I love Tumi and I LOVE the idea of saying goodbye to the old samsonite black luggage. However I am NOT for the python print! What is up with that being all over handbags this season?! I hate snakes so why would I tote around a bag with python print?

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