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31 Corn Lane Weekender Tote

With my allergies in the state they are in, I’d love to pack up and leave (which is what I will be doing in 10 days- Can’t wait!!!) For traveling we all know that a good and easy overnight bag is key. For something fun and quirky for your travels there is the 31 Corn Lane Weekender Tote. Designed from retro pink and brown, which is one of my favorite color pairs, this tote measures 16.5″x13.5″ which gives you ample room for some weekend must-have’s or carry-on items. The best part is the matching pouch which has a checklist of toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, and makeup. That is quite the essential list because I always forget those! Buy the tote for a mere $50 through Fredflare.

Prada Large Travel Bowler

I have been able to face the fact that I am not always practical at a young age. I still am not always practical. I realize that fashion is also not always practical. If I asked you to raise your hand if you have ever purchased a completely impractical item I bet there would be quite a few handbag lovers out there with arms raised behind their monitor. Mine is ;-)! But just because it is impractical does not mean we don’t continue to do it. Again, by we I most definitely mean I for starters. This all brings me to traveling. Many of us travel, and I venture to guess that many of us travel often. But do we travel in style? I may always look at the family carrying all the Coach or LV luggage and smirk, but deep down I wish it were me with the goods. I can’t help it. My love of handbags radiates into travel gear. While I would never want to check such a beautiful bag under, I wouldn’t mind carrying it on. The Prada Large Travel Bowler embodies the chic kind of accessory I want and the impracticality that I don’t need. This bowler is a canvas tote trimmed in gold and showing off buckle details. Yup, that is it. There isn’t much more to this bag, but that completely backward thinking side of me wants it to place nicely under the seat in front of me. Measuring 12″H X 17″L X 7″W, this tote should be easy to travel with and use as your oober stylish carry on. Buy it via Saks for the ridiculously impractical travel bag price of $985 via Saks.

Leaders in Leather Red Tooled cosmetic Bag I know I’m always looking for little bags to lug around my makeup and other essential non-essentials. Why not grab a leather cosmetic bag this time around? Not to mention, easily affordable leather is a big plus. The Leaders In Leather Red Tooled Cosmetic Bag mixes style with affordability in its handy dandy little cosmetic bag. Showing off a tooled floral and paisley motif, this leather bag is sure to be durable through all your travels. The all leather bag features a zipper top, an interior pocket, a removable wrist strap, and measures 8-inches L x 5-inches W x 1.25 inches H. With this bag, you are sure to add a little fun to your makeup regime. Not to mention, for the discount price of $26.99 through Overstock, you can’t really go wrong.

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Kate Spade Heddy Small Floral Print Cosmetic Bag

As I have found out with age, many men actually prefer women without makeup on. Yea, that’s no lie. But to most of us women, it is part of our daily routine. I remember my cycle with makeup. It began around 6th grade with a lip gloss obsession. I’m talking juicy lips that probably attracted flies like a sticky pad. I moved on in 7th grade to some eye shadow. But it was barely noticeable. Around 8th grade, things went terribly downhill with my thought that dark makeup made me look older. Yet with time and experience, I learned how to apply makeup and not look like a 5 cent hooker. But where to keep all the makeup? Why not in a fun Kate Spade Heddy Small Floral Print Cosmetic Bag? Made with the fun color wheel of green, pink, chocolate, lime, cream, khaki, peach, and black, the floral print bag is colorful and fun. The bag also has a green zip with leather zip pull and loop at one end so you can hang the bag. The inside is lined with a taupe and green spotted print fabric. If you need a little new bag to carry your makeup, try this bag for $55 via Net-A-Porter (also comes in medium size for $65).

Oh yes my children, it is the time for Spring 2006 Vogue and Couture galore! Before we continue with ecstatic outbursts of joy and excitement over luscious bags from the biggest names in the biz, I would like to take a moment to point out this pink croc mini-suitcase as presented by Prada in Paris. My eyes undergo orgasmic spasms staring at this piece, no doubt you’ll get double-screened and strip-searched at the airport due to this dangerous hotness!

Prada Pink Suitcase

Via Trent via

* I just saw that Bag Crazy also found this beauty! Great minds think alike ;-)

Escada Travel BagRecently I’ve become quite the world traveler. Jetting within the States or all over Europe. Hey, I’m not going to complain. I love it. But what I do know is when you have a short weekend get-a-way or just a short over night trip, you need the perfect little bag to hold an outfit or two and some other “stuff”. It always seems so hard to find a cute and easy travel bag. For a while I toted a Juicy Couture Bowling Bag as my carry on on airplanes or on short weekend trips, but after getting so much grief from my brothers I began buying far too many oversized bags and simultaneously began my search for cute and practical over-nighters. This is why I am lovin’ this Escada Travel Bag I just found.

Escada Travel Bag Rolled UpJust blame it on my being blonde but I was not fully aware that Escada was big into handbag making. Actually, I’m not that air-headed, because they are not. But they are growing on their handbag endeavor and I am digging it. This travel bag holds everything you may need for your journey and can easily fit under the seat in front of you (for you frequent flyers like myself out there). What I find to be really cool is how this unique bag can be rolled up so that it takes up little space when it’s not needed for traveling. Kind of looks like a yoga or Pilates mat. Which reminds me, I need to get back into my Pilates classes. Ok let’s leave tangents out of this. Anyhow, the Escada Travel Bag is available exclusively from the E-SHOP, in dark-brown canvas with a pink soft leather strap.

Unfortunately the site does not offer more of an explanation with details about the material and size and such, but I am just going by looks and brand and thinking it would be worth the $ 204.06 (price for shipping to the US) on the Escada E-Shop.

Louis Vuitton Annette Travel BagWe all travel. And we all carry luggage. The thing about luggage is that usually we don’t think about it as a fashion statement; beleive me, it is. Have you ever thought about how many people you pass from airport to airport, not to mention picking up your luggage at baggage claim. Do you want to be that person picking up the unmatching, worn in, ugly baggage or the one who everyone watches picking up your matching LV baggage? I damn well know I’d love to be envied, rather than pitied.
Do us all a favor, trash the old stuff and buy yourself some totally trendy luggage.

I suggest the totally obviously hip Louis Vuitton Annette luggage on wheels. For a short weekend trip, this will do the trick. The bag allows for easy travel and sports the LV black monogram canvas with leather trim, sturdy noiseless wheels, and a double zipper with a pretty spacious inner compartment. The bag is not huge, but can be used as a carry on bag and fit nicely overhead so you can avoid baggage claim, which is alwaya a huge plus. As with any other Louis Vuitton bag the price isn’t cheap, but who cares if you can look that good. Goes for a steep price tag of $1,780.

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