How To Pack Your Beach Bag

I went to the beach this weekend. On the surface, that sounds simple enough, but I am not a regular beach-goer. I’ve always loved the ocean, but I tend to be too much of a city-dweller to make it there with any regularity, and as of this weekend’s trip, it had been nearly two years since my most recent previous beach jaunt, and along with that, the last time I packed a beach bag. In that time, I had managed to forget a few things: I’m really pale, I don’t own a proper beach towel and my sunscreen-applying skills are at a third-grade level, among other things. (I didn’t even own a bathing suit?) I paid for some of those mistakes on my otherwise perfect beach day, and as a result, I’ve come to make sure that you don’t make the same mistakes I did on any impending vacations you may have planned.

Beach packing may seem logical, but packing is always a bit tricky because the excitement of the event can tend to take over the more sensible side of your brain. That’s especially true of the beach – colorful coverups! beach snacks! playlists for the car ride! Below, a guide to what we’d bring with us on the perfect beach day. Which may be next weekend, if we play our cards right.

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  • anouk

    You forgot the book and mp3 or an iPod, luv.

  • Hilary

    LOVE the straw bag! Great list Amanda!

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