Zac Posen Iconic ToteI admit it. The first time I saw this picture of Zac Posen’s Iconic Tote, I thought, “Meh.” I think I’ve become so bombarded with candy-bright colored accessories that I feel immediately underwhelmed by tan. Then I looked again. The tan is actually quite rich – it’s no thin shade sprayed onto pale legs from a can. It’s more like a tasty caramel. This delicious effect is compounded by the contrast lining done in a rich shade of chocolate brown. In this tote, Zac Posen has managed to evoke everyone’s favorite Snickers bar. Granted, this Snickers has a whole lot of caramel, but that’s the good part anyway. Where are the nuts, you might ask. Well, the nuts might involve those golden flashes of hardware. Honey-roasted nuts can be gold-ish right? Okay, I know I’m stretching. Still, the hardware is quite charming. I love those signature hexagons on Zac Posen bags. They’re fresh and fun without being too bling-bling. Those gold details on the handles above the hexagons, I may have a bit of a problem with, but nothing fatal, and I love the useless studs on the useless hardware on the front flap. They add a nice jolt of flavor. So now we no longer have a tan bag. It’s a Snickers bag, which is much more interesting. The way the contrast trim is done really pops. It’s a bit reminiscent of Marc Jacobs’ striping line, sure, but I love that line. I also adore the gathering at the bottom corners of the bag. They add a little sprinkle of feminine flavor onto a bag that errs on the side of masculine. Anyway, I’ve been very excited about Zac Posen’s handbag line, and this tote has not disappointed. Get it for $1295 at eluxury.

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  • Naggy

    I know a few college students that would love this from what I heard from them in class. (ipad)

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