Yves Saint Laurent Medium Downtown Tote

There are most likely two reasons why you do not own a crocodile handbag. Reason number one is that you are vehemently against the use of crocodile to make a handbag. Reason number two, which I fall into, is because you flat out can’t afford this luxury. Personally, I wish I fell into category number one. That would mean I just don’t want a croc bag. But in all reality, I pine for one. Hopefully that day will be soon, but if you fall into either categories there are bags out there that are embossed or have a pattern that looks like croc even though it is not the real thing. No worries, I won’t tell. Take the Yves Saint Laurent Medium Downtown Tote for example, which shows off quilted patent leather fused in a crocodile pattern. Looks convincing enough, sports trendy patent leather, and is in a very trendy bag. The Downtown Tote has been a favorite of many celebs because of its versatility and great shape. Brass hardware is used, along with an inside pocket, and lush suede and satin lining. Dimensions are 17″W X 14″H X 7″D. If you can’t truly croc, then try a faux-croc like this. Via Saks for $1895.

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  • valentina

    Love it. I am wondering though, why are Nancy Gonzales’ crocodile bags so affordable? Is there a difference in quality in croc skins??Does anyone know, cause I am craving a croc bag so much (Dior Gaucho croc is my unaffordable dream)but I am torn between something like the YSL and the colorful ones Nancy Gonzales has out.

  • catpower

    i definitely fall in category #1.

    so this is the closest thing to the “REAL” thing..
    i say this is “HOT”

  • william

    That is a very good alternative, but I still prefer the regular version with the zippered pocket. The downtown is my current favorite.

  • Erin

    Are people the who are against croc skin also against leather? Or is croc an entirely different animal rights category? I’ve always wondered this.

  • silvie


    do you know if what colours it comes in?? does the croco one come in dark brown?


  • um hessa

    hello do you have same design but different leather, shiny leather black or choclate brown or dark green? thanks i need to buy two of them urgently.

  • Chriss

    I bought this in plain black patent leather, really gorgeous!

  • Naggy

    Awkward shape, bad quilted look. (ipad)

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