Prada Leather Tote

I am not a child anymore and I do not have a child, so I should be able to care for a white bag. Although I hardly ever drip or spill, I *always* drip or spill on anything that says “dry clean only” or will give me the most difficult time to clean up. Yet I vow to own a white bag for this spring/summer and keep it clean. Word on the street is that Lv is releasing a White Epi line, including a White Epi Alma, which has my name all over it. But for a laid back possible messenger style bag, this Prada Leather Tote has my heart fluttering. It is simple, only adding braided leather handles to an all together white leather bag. It is practical, adding a detachable shoulder strap which can also allow the bag to be worn as a messenger. It is a great size, a perfect 11¾”H X 12½”L X 5″W. This bag will give my doesn’t-know-it-yet-future White Epi Alma a run for its money. Through Saks for $1,490.

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  • markela

    Simply irresistible!

  • fashion in the making

    hot but messy if not taken care of correctly only some people can pull it off

  • peace43

    I like it but in the black version that is available for pre-order on It’s a very nice bag and I love having a strap for this purse!

  • PersonalShopper

    Hot Bag!!!

    The white is such a warm bag, I think of flying somewhere nice and tropical

    love fromt hte same line the White Lether frame bag- with snap closures

  • ibis42

    I love it! White is the new black!!!

  • Naggy

    That strap ruins the bag a bit, but the bag was boring to begin with. (ipad)

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