Prada Cervo Lux Tote

For an elegant understated designer, Prada is many women’s go-to. My college school bag was a Prada Nylon Messenger but I always lusted after the supple deerskin they offered. Now that I have two of them, I can not get enough. A stunning bag for fall, the Prada Cervo Lux Tote showcases lush deerskin with a chain handle. The shape is simple, the idea is simple, but the wow factor is huge. I am lusting for the white version, but the black is a gorgeous option also. Dimensions are 12½”W X 12″H X 5″D. As prices go up, this bag really seems to be reasonable. Buy the black or pre-order the white at Saks for $1495.

Do you love it??

Prada Cervo Lux Tote

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  • Joan

    love it, the black is very elegant :grin: :grin:

  • Michelle

    Very nice. Prada did a good job with this one.

  • EmilyGL

    Not a fan.

  • bag happy

    I just came out of self imposed bag ban to buy it in black. I love it.

  • s.j.

    i love it in black! :grin:

  • Brittcentric

    I Love it Hope they have it at my local Saks off to buy it…

  • Margarita

    LOVE IT!!! So chic! :grin: :mrgreen:

  • bazzbag

    oh Bella Miuccia……..

  • Sofieshopaholic

    I love it in white :grin:

  • Sweetsmonster

    love it love it love it!

  • LoveToShop

    just got one in Dark brown, anyone else seen this in Saks?

  • boogerhead

    booger booger head o booger o boger your a booger……………… head!!!

  • Chi

    elegant & chic :)

  • Haydee

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lusting over it!!! :razz:

  • safferon

    At the shop, white looked gorgeous but black might be more practical this season.

  • Jamie

    Love the bag! Does it come in calf skin or without a metallic leather finish?

  • kelsey

    sooo CUTE i love purses :smile:

  • tay

    i luv these purses :razz: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :smile:

  • love

    so love it love lo…

  • sksy

    love it, but perhaps in other colours other than black or beige.. something more funky would be good.

  • mjfan

    I would love to have one in silver.

  • natali

    when i can get it for free :) (dream on)

  • sarita

    i love this bag i would like to order

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