Nancy Gonzalez Latticework Crocodile Tote

Yesterday was a day full of exploring the Village and SoHo. I am not going to lie; I spent a pretty penny and wished I had quite a few more to spend. The area is lined with store after store of designer goods. I checked out Chanel SoHo to only fall in love with the unpractical and pricey Chanel Luggage. What I did notice was for every posh woman there was a gorgeous bag. I carried my Chloe Paddington Tote proudly but started to drool at an exotic bag I saw. A beautifully tall and skinny blonde lady passed by me quickly carrying a Black Croc Birkin. No lies- it was STUNNING. But I haven’t won the lotto and I can’t afford a beauty like that anytime soon. So in order to appease my croc obsession, Nancy Gonzalez offers crock bags for a bite more affordable price. The Nancy Gonzalez Latticework Crocodile Tote is designed with black crocodile latticework and a croc top handle. Exotic and different, this bag is available through Bergdorf Goodman for $1350.

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  • bob

    hi sirs,
    please if someone know nancy gonzalez phone number or her e-mail address please please send it to me at i want to make business with her in saudi arabia

    thanks for all

  • Kendra

    Great great detail. (fb)

  • Naggy

    Road tracks or what? (ipad)

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