I’ve loved the bags that Marni has put out for Spring/Summer 2009, and I’ve made no secret of it. They’ve chosen great materials and vibrant colors for the line, and it’s the first fresh collection I’ve seen in a while. Mostly what I have praised in the past, though, is their leather choice, and I’ve got something completely different to say today. I really, really love the Marni Printed Canvas Tote.

Marni Printed Canvas Tote

Their color choice on this bag is impeccable; the muted violets, greens, and mustards go together so well that I find myself wondering if I could find a dress in a similar print. They’re perfectly vintage-feeling without looking old and it’s surprising that a simple tote can have so much inherent style. The only problem, of course, is that the bag is canvas. Sigh. Canvas. Every time I see a canvas bag I like, I’m forced to reevaluate exactly how much I’m willing to spend on one. This one in particular is right on the line for me – $500 is usually my mental upper limit, but for one that I like this much, I might be willing to dole out $600 – buy through Net-a-Porter.

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  • mette

    The floral print is nice, but canvas and two thin straps of leather 600 d.,but then again,you pay for the brand.

  • Free

    I would definitely have to see this bag in person in order to formulate a good opinion as to whether I liked it or not for the price and material. It’s pretty. Is it worth it? Not sure.


  • Cherie L.

    nice but not nice enough for $600. let’s be honest, this bag DOES NOT LOOK expensive. you could get one of the higher end Urban Outfitters $200 bags and it would look about the same.

  • Graciella

    I love this bag, and was planning to get it some time soon, but it is no longer available on the European NAP. The price in euros isn’t too bad too.

  • Rebecca

    I really love this bag. The colors are so beautiful!

  • tadpolenyc

    i’m not usually into floral prints, but i really like this bag.

  • dela

    I love the print. It reminds me of van Gogh’s Irises.

  • dela

    Actually, Marni has also utilized this print for dresses, jackets etc.

  • janie

    This is a beautiful flower print. I agree with tatdpolenyc that it reminds us of a painting.

    I do think that the price is too high..but it is a lovely bag.

  • Shannon

    really love it but think the price is toooo high!

  • Girlygirl3

    This is a gorgeous bag. I’ve seen it in person. But like others, the price just puts me off.

  • kym

    I saw this online a few days ago and have been thinking about getting it at it’s sale price. Today, however, I saw it in person. Boring. Nothing special – even at it’s sale price – not worth buying. Photographs beautifully, but does not work in person.

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