Juicy Couture Metallic Day Dreamer Tote

Juicy Couture bags seem to be hit or miss. Take the Juicy Couture Metallic Day Dreamer Tote. This large gathered pink terry cloth bag does not even pass in my mind as a beach bag. I just don’t like the look of it. Of course, because metallic can’t get our of style just yet, the shoulder straps, piping, trim, and satin ribbon are all bronze metallic. The outside has a pocket for your convenience along with one inside pocket. While the design of this bag just doesn’t cut it for me, it is the slogan on the bag that really sends me over the edge. Can you imagine what your father would say to see you carrying around a bag that reads, “Some Like It Juicy”? I know no matter how I explained this slogan, it would just always seem so wrong. This politically incorrect bag measures 11″H X 11¼”L X 6¼”W and can be purchased through Saks for $175.

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