Jimmy Choo Belted ToteHello, gorgeous! I’ve never seen a belted bag quite like you! Did the Ramona and the Paddington hobo get busy? I like the result! We’ve seen this belt before, threaded through mother Ramona, but not in tonal watersnake and not with a shoulder strap equally evocative of a belt. I really love all those rings and ornaments on the strap – can’t really say how they work, but they are adorable. Bottom line – I don’t even wear belts but I love them on the Jimmy Choo Belted Tote. The hardware isn’t bad either. It’s gold-toned but it doesn’t look too yellow, so it stays casual and under the radar. I do love all those rings. Anyway, let’s coo at the leather now. Gotta love the classic black and the leather itself looks buttery delicious. Just peer a little closer into your screen, it’s worth it. I want to bury my face in it. Too bad I’ll have to wait, as this baby doesn’t ship until April, but you can pre-order it now at Neiman Marcus for $1,600.

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  • Very functional, but still very cute.

  • Naggy

    It seems to be a Jimmy Choo thing to have double belts. (ipad)

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