Isabella Fiore Magic Carpet Tote

I know it is not only me that has always wanted to go on a magic carpet ride. I wanted to be just like the princess from Aladdin, I wanted to swoop up and down in the sky and see the world. Yup, I am sure a few of you are laughing right now. But when I finally get to ride on a magic carpet I’m soo gonna shove it in your face!! (I really thought they existed when I was young!)

When I saw the name of this bag, I gasped! It just made a smile come to my face. Upon seeing the bag I was a little skeptical if I liked it, but actually it kind of does something for me. The Isabella Fiore Magic Carpet Tote is an intricately designed patchwork tote with beads that add even a little more fun. The bag is made of velvet patchwork which gives off the vibe of a bohemian-chic tote. At first I thought that bag might look like something an old lady would wear, but upon further inspection I really think it’s cute. The bag is trimmed with leather and in some places stud trimming. The shape of the bag is a frame-style top which has double top handles and the closure is a diary-lock. Lined with cotton canvas and featuring both zip and open pockets, the inside can store all of your magical accessories. Sizing up at 13″H X 19″L X 8½”W, this tote looks as if it could compliment quite a few outfits and still be big enough to be your bag of tricks. The bag is available via Saks for $725.

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