Emilio Pucci Festa Print North South BagSome patterns on bags remind me of something a grandma would wear. Now I am not bashing any of you grandma’s out there- rock on ladies!! But some patterns just look ‘matronly’ if that is a better word :p The Pucci print is unmistakable- you see it anywhere and you know it. But sometimes, Pucci has a bit of a different bag that is a bit more subtle but you still see the underlying similarities and know it is Pucci. All my talk about ‘matronly’ bags and Pucci comes together with a new bag I saw today. The Emilio Pucci Festa-Print North/South Bag is covered in the Festa-print canvas and is accented with hot pink leather trim and piping. The canvas just looks a bit like Vera Bradley, which many consider ‘matronly’ also. While it does look a bit old, I also think it could work for all ages. On the inside there is Pucci logo textile and a zipped pocket. The new Pucci bag measures 11″ x 10″ x 4″ (at base) and is available through eLuxury for $415.

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  • Naggy

    It looks like it’s made from an old rug. (ipad)

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