Much has been made over fall’s leopard trend (in fact, much has been made by us), but it’s been difficult to crown a clear winner when trying to decide on the best leopard bag of the season. When we did a decidedly non-comprehensive roundup of some of the season’s spotted bags two months ago, many people liked the YSL option that cost a very unfortunate $3500.

I’ve found a bag that I like even more than that one, and for nearly a thousand dollars less. The only problem is that I’ve only “found” it in a philosophical sense – the Mulberry Neely Tote is sold out everywhere that I can think to look, including Mulberry’s website. It appears as though the brand has successfuly capitalized on the Alexa’s popularity and created yet another it-bag.

The beauty of this bag is in the simplicity of the shape combined with the vibrant, tactile pattern. A bag with intricate structure only interrupts a good print, and setting the two up to compete against each other is usually a recipe for disappointment. You probably have to be a leopard lover like me to understand how deep and true my feelings for this bag really are, but if I could find one, I’d snap it up right now. I can’t even explain how perfect it would be with all my winter greys and blacks. The bag retails for $2650 when available, and you can get more details via Mulberry.

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  • PhotoGirl

    I love it! (I, too, am a big fan of leopard print.)

    May I also say, though, that I really hate the gigantic Wal-mart (Wal-mart on the Purse Blog???) ad that pops up whenever I open your page. Dreadful.

    • I don’t like it either but luckily it comes at it goes, at least on my page, so I don’t see it all the time. But banners like that enable us to have the site, and for that we appreciate you putting up with it :-)

  • Emma

    This is an ok bag bur I prefer the Neely Messenger Bag

  • mochababe73

    Not a fan. I am a lover of animal print, but for some reason, I find this bag ugly. I’d rather have my print in small doses.

  • Mario

    Love it, not a Mulberry aesthetic though. I see Miu Miu shape with YSL/D&G sass :-)

  • Patricia
  • nino

    love the mulberry neely in red or navy…
    this one….not hot

  • Thumbelina Fashionista

    I still like the Roady the best. But I don’t love it enough for 3k.

  • Rufina

    This looks so cheap, that a hooker probably would not wear it much less a woman wealthy enough to drop this much dough on one single bag.

  • Nayha

    I agree, I feel this bag looks quite cheap. I feel there are better leopard-print handbags out there.

  • !!!

    i like everything about it but the handles, they bug the hell outta me for some reason.

  • helen

    i ordered it from , I have been pleased with the quality. Their customer service is very prompt with correspondence. i love it!!!

  • Louise (Table Tonic)

    I found one here (and bought it last week!!!!!!) They seem to have them in stock still… RUN!

  • Emma G

    Not a fan (ipad)

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