dior my dior tote

A sure way to make my blue eyes stand out is to wear blue. A baby blue shirt makes my eyes look completely different than a shocking ocean blue. This exact hue of blue on the Dior My Dior Tote would do wonders for my eyes, and all you other blue eyed gals out there. Stunning blue leather and silver tone hardware is a stunner. I, of course, was looking out for myself and my blue eyes, but this color would look amazing on anyone in my opinion. A frame top, top handles, gathered front, and logo bit, finish off this hit bag. The color is smashing; pre-order yours through Bergdorf Goodman for $1790.

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  • Xavier

    The bag pictured is incorrectly described by Saks and by yourself. Did you even look at the bag? That’s obviously not logo jacquard, it’s leather.

  • Xavier

    Correction: That’s not even Saks that you link to, that’s Bergdorf Goodman.

  • Love it! Will talk about it on my blog.

  • Leanne

    The color is gorgeous!!!!

  • Thanks Xavier… that is what happens when you are going on no sleep! I will change it :)

  • fashionista

    why dosent xavier just stop giving megs such a bad time, im sure no body really gives a f@!# about something that insignifigant GET A LIFE

  • ya ya

    Talk about the bags people. Yeah GET A LIFE. :mad:

  • Naggy

    Omg, this is probably the most gorgeous bag that I’ve commented on this blog so far. Where’s the fav button on this thing? (ipad)

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