This weekend, I’m set to make my first beach pilgrimage of the season, and with almost all schools out for the summer and July 4 quickly approaching, I likely won’t be the only one seeing sand for the first time in a year. Naturally, that kind of outing presents a few very specific accessories challenges, and we’re here to solve them with a bevy of beautiful beach bags.

Whether you’re planning to hop a bus from Manhattan to the Far Rockaways or board a yacht in Saint-Tropez, we have a beach bag that will fit your budget just as well as it fits your towel, sunscreen and beach book. Check out well over a dozen of our favorites below.

Ralph Lauren has been making top-flight handbags for years, but the designer has always held them a bit close to his vest. You could see the Ricky and others in Lauren’s flagship boutiques and buy them online at the company’s site, but beyond that, the retail opportunities were scarce. If you’ve been looking to get your hands on one, though, you now have one more option: Neiman Marcus now carries a small (but hopefully growing) selection of the Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag online. (more…)

Let’s face it, our bags are usually jam packed. We never planned on them getting that full, but somewhere along the line we lost control and are now toting around twenty different shades of red lipstick, a pair of flats for our commute home, an overstuffed wallet with one too many Barneys receipts and all of our electronic gadgets and their attendant chargers. Now that temperatures are beginning to cool, our everyday handbag no longer seems roomy enough to fit our cold weather accessories on top everything that’s already in there. We’re left with no option but to upsize.

Take it from someone who has left behind enough gloves, scarves and hats to keep an entire continent warm: you always want to have enough room in your bag to stuff all of your winter necessities, including hand warmers, Rosebud Salve and plenty of hydrating face lotion. That’s why we’ve rounded up 13 Big Bags that have plenty of room to fit virtually everything but the kitchen sink. (Actually, you may even be able to fit that in some of these giant totes).

Not to mention that a bigger bag usually results in well-toned arms.

Home decor impresario Jonathan Adler is know for his modern, unconventional and quirky interior aesthetic. Can he do the same with handbags? His Fall 2013 collection marks Adler’s strongest foray into accessories yet, and his aesthetic is evident, especially with this Jonathan Adler Medium Hex Handle Tote. When a designer from another area turns to handbags, his or her aesthetic is going to be different from those who are practiced in the art of the bag. It’s interesting to see someone with a design background outside of fashion turn to handbags, and it certainly gives Adler a unique perspective on designing.

Clearly, the main attraction on this bag is the top handle. After double-checking my math (it’s been a while since I took geometry), this hexagonal handle takes this ordinary satchel and transitions it into something more artistic. The interior is just as modern as the exterior, with a matching hexagonal pattern. Sometimes it only takes one detail on a handbag to attract your attention and make your heart beat a bit faster in lust, and Adler’s managed to do just that.

Shop the new Adler collection and find this beauty at ShopBop for $398.

Belstaff, a British brand founded in the 1920s that recently expanded on its tried-and-true collection of outwear to include women’s ready-to-wear, handbags and shoes, stumbled a bit out of the gates when it launched bags last season. The branding was too obvious, the details didn’t feel as luxurious as they should have and the prices were, to put it blunty, high. Creating a handbag line from whole cloth is difficult, though, so we were hopeful that Belstaff would learn from its errors and come back with a second effort more befitting of the brand’s heritage. Thankfully, that’s exactly what they brand has done. (more…)

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start to summer, and this year I was lucky to spend mine in warm and sunny Las Vegas. It was Vlad’s and my first time to Vegas, so while we enjoyed resort-hopping and shopping, we also took in the sights outside of Vegas. I knew it was going to be warm and wanted a new summer tote to carry with me that would transition from pool to the next adventure easily, and my new Juicy Couture Perforated Shopper Tote did the job beautifully.

Over the past couple of years, the company once known for its tracksuits has turned into a lifestyle brand that offers much more than terrycloth and velour. This tote immediately spoke to me, and I knew it would work perfectly for my Vegas trip because the size is spacious and the leather is sturdy. The design speaks for itself, but I really love the large perforated squares and the very “Juicy Couture” gemstone turnlock closure.

Juicy Couture Shopper Tote (2)

The best part is the price, which is a very reasonable $278. But for a limited time you can get an additional 30% off, which means this tote will run just under $200. I opted for the pretty pink hue, but there are additional options, including orange, blue and white. Buy now via Juicy Couture for $194.60.

When it comes down to it, we’ve all got a lot to schlep on occasion (or sometimes more like every day). Schlepping, by its very nature, is not a particularly glamourous activity, but there are things that can be done to make it a little less dreary. Lately, we’ve found a bumper crop of simple, functional tote bags in stores, and the best thing about a big selection is being able to get something that not everyone else has.

We understand if you want to go with a lightweight, minimalist Celine Cabas Tote or a classic Louis Vuitton Damier Neverfull, but we think that there are some tote options that give you ever bit of functionality as the bags you already know and love with a little bit more individualized style. From prints, to exotics, to embellishments, check out our picks for the everyday schleppers that will look anything but burdensome.

Very few things in fashion are genuinely underrated. We’re an industry that’s constantly chattering, and distinctive handbags get an inordinate amount of the praise because of their ability to telegraph luxury and expensiveness; there’s a reason that we talk about It Bags and not, say, It Scarves. Upon seeing my friend Danny’s new all-black Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag, though, it occurred to me that perhaps the Ricky is exactly that rare bird – the underrated, slept-on, yet totally gorgeous designer bag. (more…)

I’ve been anticipating the arrival of the Victoria Beckham Soft Victoria Leather and Watersnake Tote for almost five full months now. The bag first caught my eye when Beckham released the Fall 2012 lookbook way back in the spring, and it struck me then that perhaps the brand had found its handbag stride. It still feels that way.

The object of my affection is now available for further inspection, and I’m excited to say that I love it just as much now as I did then. Not only that, but the price is significantly less than I expected it to be for a Victoria Beckham bag, where full leather bags of a similar size often retail about $3,000. Care to take a guess before you take the jump? (more…)

I know, I know. From the title of this post, I know what you must be thinking. Oh joy, another Kardashian-inspired post! (Apply either a sarcastic or gleeful tone, whichever you feel is correct.) The Kardashian sisters are in Miami filming yet another season of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, and earlier in this week, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian spent a glamorous day at the beach. Well, maybe “glamorous” isn’t the correct word – their presence brought out both a huge paparazzi mob and lots of rubber-neckers. So maybe for them, it was just another typical day at the beach.

Kim was spotted wearing a white one-piece Michael Kors swimsuit, a somewhat out-of-the-ordinary wardrobe choice for her killer curves, while sister Kourtney was dressed, oddly, like a totally normal person. Wearing rainbow-stripped shorts and a plain V-neck tee, her most glamourous accessory was her yellow Goyard St. Louis bag. (more…)

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