Tory Burch Spring 2014 Handbags (13)

We’re already visited one elaborate, fashionable, ladylike garden party this New York Fashion Week, and that was between Kate Spade’s expertly trimmed hedges. Today, we’re off to see what’s going on in Tory Burch’s backyard, and it’s pretty gorgeous. Withe Tory Burch Spring 2014, the designer has found her stride, or at least a stride; the collection is neatly clustered around a clear theme, and the variations that it takes as the collection progresses are nothing short of lovely.

It’s with not-so-mild surprise that I admit that Burch managed to take something that can be accurately described as a “floral fanny pack” and make it something that a woman might actually want to wear, but she did just that. Vogue‘s Hamish Bowles described the collection as “tightly controlled,” and that’s probably the best phrase to use when talking about how Burch approached her use of florals and garden motifs. Where Kate Spade went quirky, Burch elegant. Both approaches are interesting in their own ways, but the clothes and bags in this collection look a lot more expensive than they likely will be, which is always a nice thing for consumers. Although maybe the prices are just going up.

Shop Tory Burch’s current collection via Bloomingdale’s or check out the images of her newest line below.

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  • JJp

    Foral’s for Spring?….Groundbreaking.

    • jacksonm

      The bags show far more originality than your comment.

  • Margaret

    This definitely looks a lot more playful than her classic pieces (which are her bread and butter) and it veers off a little from the trademarks of her designs. That just scares me a bit because I feel like she might start raising her prices. What I love about Tory Burch is that her style looks expensive, but is actually affordable. Please, please, please Tory… don’t try to aim for higher end customers! Your young professionals appreciate your price points the most.

    On another note, I think you should do a post on the Tory Burch Robinson double zip tote versus the Prada Saffiano tote. I really need some advice and they’re both such similar bags, I wonder which one is more worth it. Should I splurge or save?

    • Megs Mahoney Dusil

      That’s a really good comparison piece!! We will see what we can do!

    • jean

      You should get the Tory Burch double zip.
      I have them in every color. The quality is great and i get a ton of compliments when i carry the Tory Burch bag.

  • Karen

    JJp’s Fave Movie is OBVIOUSLY Devil Wears Prada :-)

  • jennifer

    I think the new bags for spring 2014 look pretty damn cute…good for Tory…expanding her scope.

  • Jane

    I used to go gaga over Tory Burch bags, but then I got tired of all the T’s everywhere. This collection is a breath of fresh air for me. I would love to purchase many of the clothes and pretty much ALL of the bags. My favorites are the leather bags cut to look like baskets. It looks so fresh and new, and I like the leather fanny pack witch I am kind of ashamed to say but they look so chic. The last bag I love the detail of the T just in stitching to me that is a great way to show your name on a piece without being too showy. I have never been a fan of name brands plastered all over handbags. Bravo Tory Burch for kicking some Spring 2014 butt.

  • chris

    Oh, puuleezzze… Gucci should file trademark infringement suit!

  • shueaddict

    Beautiful, love the coral suede …

  • Ieda


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