Raising Helen Tod\'s Bag

Sometimes timing is funny in life. I was recently watching Raising Helen, which I absolutely love, and then got an email from a frantic reader. Franticly in search of the bag Kate Hudson, Helen in the movie, was carrying. Oddly enough, I actually was paying attention to the beige beauty. Being the handbag connoisseur that I am, I had the gut feeling that the bag was a Tod’s bag from the beginning. I was even lucky enough to find a nice large picture, in which you can actually see that it is a Tod’s bag. But now Misty and I need your help- is anyone aware of the particular make of bag? Looks like a mostly suede bag with leather trim, nice size, and it is just gorgeous. I love it! The Tod’s website is still being put up, and I checked some other sites but did not happen to find a bag just like it. Let’s help Misty out with anything that we know! Did I mention Kate Hudson is absolutely gorgeous in the movie which makes me wish that much more that maybe I could carry that bag and be in her place :-)

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