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  • Miss V.

    Olga Kurylenko is Ukrainian not French .

    • tulipfield

      She was born in Ukraine but her nationality is French~

  • Nicole

    Oliva Palermo?! That’s Cameron Diaz!

  • AshleyG

    I want EVERYTHING that Petra is wearing in that pic! She looks amazing and I love that dress!

  • Cady Heron

    The picture of Olivia is not there, and theres a double of the cameron diaz pic

  • StoryLeather

    So what’s everyones’ favorite bag from this gallery??

    • shueaddict

      I am most intrigued by Kidman’s Armani … and yes, I totally love Petra Nemkova’s look minus the Luggage … ahem … carried as luggage

  • shueaddict

    great great great post !!! Cannes festival is complete pageant, I just love the international mix.
    Fan Bingx2 looks like she stepped out of a “PanAm” set.

  • Katja (

    I just love women like Dita Von Teese…

  • JennyErin

    That’s electric epi, not Vernis Alma on Fan :)

  • HomeinMontclair

    Amanda, I don’t think you can go to Cannes (or did you?), just talk about handbags, and complain that it’s all about glitz/fashion/money. Do you understand the film business? Do you understand the history of film festivals? And if these are the best bags, I’ll be darned — what a snooze. From what I understand from industry types who went — bags were the last thing on their minds, btw.

    • Monty

      You’re on a purse blog you bell end.

      • HomeinMontclair

        And the bags are still a total snooze — which was my real point, Monty :)

  • Nívia

    FAN, the ultimate look!

  • lancelbbsac

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