The Many Bags of Sarah Jessica Parker

Since we started putting together our The Many Bags of… series, we’ve had a few stars with stunning handbag collections and incredible fashion pedigrees on our list that we’ve been waiting for just the right time to profile. Well, today seemed as good a time as any to get that started, and who in Hollywood (or New York, where she lives) is more of an accessories icon than Sarah Jessica Parker?

To many people, she’ll always be Carrie from Sex in the City, but SJP has some fashion chops of her own, as we all know. What I admire about her the most is her obvious willingness to dress for herself and for whatever she’s doing on any given day instead of dressing up for photographers just because she knows she’s going to be seen. In fact, paparazzi speculate that her dressed-down weekday outfits are in an effort to discourage photogs from stalking her; if she looks bland every day, it makes it harder for them to sell the photos. Even on her morning walks to school with her kids, though, Sarah Jessica’s usually carrying a fabulous bag, even if it is with jeans and UGGs. Without further delay, let’s see exactly what’s in SJP’s handbag closet. (She must have an entire closet for bags, right?)

When speaking of SJP, it seems to me that the only truly fair place to start is Fendi; after all, Sex and the City did help turn the Fendi Baguette into the world’s first true It Bag. In this photo, Parker carries a metallic silver Fendi Peekaboo Bag. Pick up your own Peekaboo via Neiman Marcus for $3720.

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  • Not So Gentle Reader

    I’m sorry, but her hands just ruin these photos for me. SJP, take a page from Diane Keaton’s book: gloves. Cute kid, though.

  • Danny

    Her hands show her age and gloves would be a good idea… Also like her more with red hair, it was a sophisticated shade that suited her better than her trademark faded blonde… Good bags collection though…. ;-)

  • Sandra

    I think she looks great, even her hands. Suggesting that she should go everywhere in gloves is ridiculous.

    • renee

      I absolutely agree! People are so ridiculous… But I’ve noticed that those that are crippled with vanity, often don’t understand those of us who have chosen to be content and unapologetic with what we have and who we are. It’s just too miserable to live your life worrying about every errant judgement that some stranger might have about you. I admire SJP for recognizing that.

  • Gixxer

    You forgot the Hermès! A lovely tPFer posted some pictures of her Kelly (?) on the subforum. Still, is this the biggest collection that has been documented? (I suspect it’s not everything either).
    I love SJP; I don’t know why she’s such a target, both her and on the internets. She seems so adorable and lovely. Maybe lack of bitchiness on her part provokes such unnecessary remarks by others.

    • Amanda Mull

      It’s not everything! We thought 35 pages was enough for the first go-around; we only made it back to circa the first SATC movie filming. We’re going to do Part Two in the future!

  • fyun

    My eyes are going gah gha over all of these gorgeous handbags of her. Do you think she actually owns all of the? Or they are borrowed for “shows”?? Can you imagine her handbag wardrobe!?

  • cottoncat

    One more thing that she should be accounted for is her amazing collection of sunglasses!

  • SandiG

    I love that SJP is a bal gal!! Awesome pics

  • Ruby_S

    Why is it in some pictures it’s okay to have her kids’ faces and in some it’s blurred?

    • Amanda Mull

      The photos came like that from the photo agency – I guess some of their suppliers didn’t want to include the kids? I’m not sure. Wasn’t something we did.

  • Nívia

    it seems do me, it´s truly flattering to be reminded as a Fendi carrier
    and it´s also funning that she doesn´t look all that chic when she intend to be like this.
    to me, she´s way too much better when apparently she look like massed in her visuals.

  • Nívia

    oh yes, there´s a lack of Hermès, like Kellys, and Birkins..
    why is that??? :-))))

  • nnenna1881

    great diverse taste in bags, i enjoyed viewing this.

  • WillowWinter

    WOW what a collection , I’d love to have a peek inside her wardrobe , can you imagine the bags , shoes clothes !!!! :D

  • Yubi

    Totally agreed, Fendi is Back!
    Actually my attention is on her right hand holding the lovely kid.

  • angie

    I’m watching ‘Sex&the City’ reruns and looking at these fabulous bags. I soo love SJP. She’s gorgeous

  • Jen

    She’s an adorable, well loved woman and NO ONE should be so critical for making fun of her hands. She should be able to age gracefully just like the rest of of have a right to do. As for her bag collection, I love them, just as I love her. Keep on keeping on, girl! You look amazing! The bags just add a nice touch to the already beautiful you!

  • citizenlen

    She is recently sporting a Coach Borough bag and she looks great. She is not too snooty to buy Coach considering she can buy 10 Hermes without batting an eye. Love that she can sport something so casual with a a $4k bag and doesn’t give a f*@k.

  • Shimrit Hagai Reisman

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