We’ll start where Rihanna has been starting lately: with Chanel. She carried this Chanel Vanity Case from Resort 2014 to the brand’s recent couture show in Paris and spent most of the time using it to shield her crotch from cameras. Oh, Rihanna. Shop pre-owned and vintage Chanel via Portero.

The Many Bags of Rihanna Part 2-19
  • Or

    Not getting this – she looks bad pretty much everywhere. Of course, you want to call this “style”…

    • Chloe302225

      I think style is in the eye of the beholder……. it may not be style to you but it doesn’t make it bad. JMO

    • Guest

      You want to state your opinion as fact-lol! You obviously don’t like her by your comment but Rihanna pulls of nearly every look she tries out.

      • Or

        I don’t know her personally to like or dislike her. I do not like the way she “pulls off” her outfits and that is an opinion. Obviously, you are trying to see more in my comment than there is.

  • Lilly

    To Amanda, you really should download her music, her albums are fun.

    Some of the pics. were not my favorites, neither are the bags. I only coveted that Chanel yellow Lego(?). The first bags of Riri had more of my style. I do agree with Amanda, she is fierce in her style choices, which is refreshing.

  • shueaddict

    Oh, I also love to see what she’s wearing … she’s got the confidence to pull anything off (having a killer body does help)

  • EbonyLolita

    Queen of the Flying Fish can do NO WRONG in my eyes…. style wise. While it may not be for most it looks FAB on her! The bags are just has varied as her style & I enjoy some of her music but ALL of her fashion sense!

  • bubbled

    How is it that the Chanel Lego clutch is $10K?! Does it come filled with gold coins?

    • Jennie M.

      a lot of times she is gifted these bags :-s

  • marker1

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