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  • Rashida

    I always loved her fashion sense and bag choices!

  • Labellaluxe Boutique

    These are cute handbags!


    she has good taste!

  • pencil pleat

    Gorgeous bags – and I adore that nude pleated skirt!

  • EBH

    Lauren, Stephen, and Trey went to a Rebecca Minkoff fashion show in season 1 of Laguna Beach, so that would be 2003 or 2004? Crazy how long it’s been (although mostly just crazy that I remember this stuff)

  • ChanelLover

    The Chanel collection would be my fave, with the nude Classic Flap. Let’s disregard the one she got from Jason.

  • eli

    I adore the RM hobo over the Valentino one. Really!

  • Chris

    Lauren’s always (or most of the time) well put together. She dresses like a normal rich California girl. Nice style. And yeah, the eyeliner is her trademark – not to mention her braids. :)

  • Jade

    She is my fashion icon :) So happy you featured her chic handbag collection!

  • this is the best design

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