The Many Bags of Kate Hudson

If you like celebrities who do their own stylistic thing, no matter what the trends might be, then you probably already like Kate Hudson. Even if you don’t dig her rich-hippie look (and it’s certainly not my thing), it’s always refreshing to see a celeb who has such a clear vision of what she likes to wear and how she wants to look. Stars: sometimes they’re also real people!

The process of identifying some of the bags in Kate’s collection was tricky – she doesn’t stick only to premiere designers and recognizable bags, which is to her credit, but it’s also to our never-ending consternation. We’ve done our best to pick out as many notable finds as we can, and we’ve also included a few for you guys to help us figure out. (You guys are so good at that.) Start Kate’s hippie handbag journey (with a dose of Chanel for good measure) below.

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  • Amanda

    How fun!

  • Trish

    The identifier “rich-hippie” is perfect for Kate Hudson. Never could properly describe her look before. “Bohemian” wasn’t right because it’s misleading to think that any non celebrity could attain some of her pieces with just a dash of free spirit and reckless abandon.

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